Let's go for a ride.

The Zipline is a decoration for Stella's boat that creates a cable strung between two poles which she can use to navigate using her Zipline Ability.

When building a Zipline, two zipline poles will be placed, one after the other, and then a cable will be strung between those two poles.


After obtaining the Zipline ability from the Nordweiler shrine, Albert will mail Stella the blueprint to the Zipline. It is not mandatory to build.

As a Decoration, constructing additional Ziplines will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same. However, unlike the other production and decoration buildings, the Zipline is built in pairs, so placing a "second" zipline counts as and costs the same as the "first" one built.

Every two Zipline poles built increases in cost up to the third pair of poles.

Single Pole Costs

Copy Wool Thread Marble Metal Rope
First (Base copy) 4 2 1
Second 4 2 1
Third 12 6 3
Fourth 12 6 3
Fifth & up 16 8 4

Paired Pole Costs

Pair Copy Wool Thread Marble Metal Rope
First 8 4 2
Second 24 12 6
Third & up 32 16 8
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