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Wool Thread belongs to the cloths category of items found in Spiritfarer. It is made from Wool Fibre at a Loom and can be used to make Wool Thread at an improved Loom.

How to Acquire[]

1-3 Wool Thread is created from Wool Thread at a Loom.


Wool Thread can be used to create 1-3 Wool Fabric at an improved Loom.

Construction/Improvement at Blueprint Station[]

Result Ingredients
Zipline 1 (First copy)

1The Zipline requires 2 copies to be built at the same time. The price of each will be the same price shown, but the next pair built will be at a cost that counts both parts of the zipline as seperate buildings. So the first zipline set of 2 will cost 2 * (4 Wool Thread, 2 Marble, 1 Metal Rope), but the next set will cost 2 * (12 Wool Thread, 6 Marble, 3 Metal Rope).