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Treasure maps give you the coordinates to special locations which can't be found any other way.  Note that in some cases (for example, the Lost Shrine location), going to the coordinates without the map will result in not finding the reward.

Treasure Map Co-Ordinates[]

Where to find the map Coordinates Reward

From the Errand "A Little Bit of Sun"; the errand appears roughly after visiting Iwashima Countryside

-58, -52

Foundry Improvement

From the Mailbox; the mail appears possibly from progressing through Atul's storyline and after having built and used the Crusher.

85, 165

Sawmill Improvement

From the Errand "Saturday Night Shopping List"; the errand appears after unlocking the Light Burst ability

220, 167

Lost Shrine

From completing one of Elena's challenges

40, -50

Rare Coin Collection

From completing one of Elena's challenges

34, 69

Marriage Ring