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Tchotchkes is the third category of items in Stella's inventory and consists mostly of all the items that she collects that have no purpose other than to be sold. These items will have "Should be sold." at the end of their descriptions, with the exception of Proof of Purchase: Cow, which is used to create the Cow Stall, and Old Shoe, which is used to create Household Glue.

Some Tchotchkes, such as Old Shoe and Old Carpet, can be obtained through growing Odd Seeds, while most others can be collected from Crates and chests. Gustav, Giovanni, and Stanley will also periodically give Stella Tchotchkes if their mood is high enough. Francis' floating shop is the only place these items can be sold. Old Shoe can also be rarely obtained through Fishing.

Tchotchke Value
Old Shoe 8 Glim.png
Ceramic Bowl 645 Glim.png
Old Carpet 1000 Glim.png
Old Painting 780 Glim.png
Old Coin Collection 880 Glim.png
Antique Bust 550 Glim.png
Fancy Vase 410 Glim.png
Valuable Ring 480 Glim.png
Valuable Necklace 350 Glim.png
Vibrant Necklace 1300 Glim.png
Mint Collectible Card 2000 Glim.png
Miniature Diorama 1490 Glim.png
Proof of Purchase: Cow 375 Glim.png
Failed Experiment 10 Glim.png