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Summer is a Spirit Character of Spiritfarer and is clad with a wide green coat with a hood. She wears a belt with flowers.


Summer is a brownish-green and yellow snake who wears a green cloak. Her Spirit Flower sits just below the hood of the cloak, where her chest would be. The tip of her tail comes through a sleeve on the cloak to act as a hand.


A true child of the earth, Summer grew up on a midwestern farm, in a very strict household. Her job as an agronomic engineer led her to work with large farming corporations, where she developed breast cancer due to their heavy use of chemicals. Her sickness prompted her to leave her town behind, to heal. That is how she met Rose, the love of her life, and Stella's aunt.

During her recovery, Summer developed an interest in biodynamic farming. Her journey toward better health also led her to embrace her more spiritual side. It is at that point in her life that she vowed to live every day in the glow of what she called the universal love. With Rose, she built a blooming garden in a remote area for just the two of them. Many happy days were spent in this house they made for themselves, until Rose passed away.

Summer's last decade was filled with struggles. The loss of Rose left her adrift, and without her by her side, she found it hard to take care of herself. Then, when her cancer came back, it was for good. She died with Stella by her side.

Summer was the person who inspired Stella to become a nurse.[1]


Summer introduces Stella to the Dragons Events, where Quartz, Aluminium Ore, Silver Ore, or Gold Ore can be collected, depending on the dragon.

First Summer will introduce the Quartz Dragons, then the Aluminium Dragon, and the Silver Dragon. The Gold Dragon can be unlocked after Summer leaves.

After Summer leaves through the Everdoor, the Dragons Events can be started by interacting with the door of Summer's Sanctuary.



  • Has been having unsettling dreams. (-1)
  • Has witnessed the dragon from her past. (-2)
  • Enjoyed Atul's shows of handiness. (+2) (from Atul's Perk, "Repairs buildings on the boat"
  • Enjoyed listening to Atul's flute. (+3) (from Atul's Perk, "Plays joyful music")
  • Enjoyed Alice's harmonica. (+2) (from Alice's Perk, "Plays joyful music")
  • Was slighted by Giovanni's flirting. (-2) (from Giovanni's Perk, "Flirts with other passengers)"

Plantasia Fantastica[]

Summer uses a special song named Plantasia Fantastica to accelerate the growth of any plants in Fields, Gardens, and Orchards. Summer teaches Stella this song during her first quest, Jiving Chives.


Quests associated with Summer[]

Alpha Build Demo[]

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is
  • A Necklace of Hope: "Summer lost a family heirloom in Hummingberg Village ages ago. I should help her retrieve it."
  • The Mist Guardian: "A mysterious force in Summer’s necklace is calling us to the middle of the sea. Let’s go retrieve it."

Full Release[]

  • Nature Class: "Summer asked me if I could add a garden to the boat. She wants to use it as a classroom to teach me about gardening."
    1. Build a Garden.
  • Jiving Chives: "Summer has discovered a melody that significantly speeds up plant growth. I should try playing it in a garden."
    1. Play music to any sprouting plant in the Garden (0/5).
  • An Old Acquaintance: "Summer has had a vision of a great snake in the middle of the sea. It made her very restless. I should visit the spot she marked on my map as soon as possible."
    1. Visit the spot Summer has marked on the map.
  • Laying at the Ley Line: "Summer has tasked me with building her a house. I should ask around to find someone who could design it."
    1. Build Summer's Sanctuary.
  • The Diffracted Cabinet: "Summer has asked me to gather a variety of gemstones and crystals that she could use to bring herself back to health. She is not picky, and requires only three different kinds."
    1. Give Summer three gemstones.
  • The Oneness and the Wholeness: "Summer has a special lesson to teach me. She would like me to meet her on the cliff in Mount Toroyama."
    1. Talk to Summer on the pier.
    2. Talk to Summer on the cliffside.
    3. Sit by the boulder next to Summer.
    4. Talk to Summer on the pier.
  • A Cold and Dreamless Slumber: "Summer has fallen asleep several days ago, and shows now sign of waking up any time soon. I have to find a way to bring her back with us."
    1. Figure out what is wrong with Summer. Albert the Shipwright might be able to help.
    2. Improve Summer's Sanctuary with the HVAC system.
    3. Talk to Summer when she wakes up.
  • The Metastatic Coil: "Summer had a new vision of another, more threatening dragon. I should visit it as soon as possible."
    1. Meet the Aluminum Dragon.
    2. Bring Summer to the Everdoor.



  • Favorite dish: Grain Salad
  • Likes: Salads, Desserts
  • Neutral: Vegan Dishes
  • Dislikes: Non-Vegan Dishes
    • "Oh, no. No, no, no. Stella, don't you remember? I don't eat any animal products. No breastmilk, nor ova.Certainly, they were not meant for our consumption. And the meat... No, no. I'm sorry, I won't impose my choices on others, but I cannot eat that."
  • Same item:
  • Not hungry: "Oh, thank you, but I'm not hungry right now."
  • Hungry:
  • Starving: "Stella, can you hear my stomach? It's restless. Do you have a little something for me?"


  • Harvesting:


  • Hugging: "Awww, you're sweet."
  • Second hug: "Not right now, please."

At The Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Stella... Are you ready to go?" (player says yes) "Thank you."
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "I really thought I could keep up with it, this time. The dragon. I was certain it was calming down. I could feel it purring. The warmth of it in my chest. I guess I just did it all over again. Just like my father. The dragon is a beast. Indomitable, if I remember my own words correctly. Whether you choose to care for it or to beat it down. Oh, what would Rose think of me? Would she be proud? Would she be ashamed? I can't help but wonder what she would've done in my stead. But I know. I know what she would've told me. She would've looked me straight in the eye. Her gaze would've pierced through the veil of my appearance. She wouldn't have said a word. She knew from the beginning. She knew the dragon would take me away. She knew I would've tried to love it, and not hate it. Would she have judged me for my failure? I couldn't love it, Stella. I just couldn't. And as much as I hate it, it is a part of me now. It will be forever. If I want to leave gracefully, I must accept it for what it is now..."
  • Just before the Everdoor: "I was looking forward to so many more lessons with you. You've been such a gifted student, Stella. I am so proud of you. So proud of your heart. So proud of your blossoming soul. I'm sorry to leave you. You'll have to learn by yourself. I have no doubt that you'll pull through. The only lesson I have left is to show you what we're made of. Of ephemeral starlight. We're but a few particles of thought on the vast stream of consciousness. This is the last thing I can teach you, Stella. That all things change, that all things end."
  • At the Everdoor: "I'm so proud of you, Stella. And I know Rose would be, too. Thank you for everything."


  • In the Alpha Build Demo players could help Summer to build a home for meditation with many plants on Stella's ferry where the snake could spend time until she was ready to go on. The player received a Blueprint for Summer's room and then had to visit the Shipyard to start with the construction.
  • Summer appears in one of Stella's memories in the Hades towers. She is shown on her deathbed, with Stella by her side.[1]
  • The Sea Dragons are a representation of Summer's fight with cancer.[1] Based on some of her dialogue, it is implied that her father died of cancer as well.

Game Notes[]

  • Due to requirements in spirit flowers, Summer is one of the two spirits that follow suit Gwen in being brought to the Everdoor.
    • Due to this Summer can never reach the Oxbury Region due to Rock Crusher upgrade needing a spiritflower
    • Summer will not be able to reach the following passengers,
      • Bruce and Mickey
      • Beverly
      • Buck
      • Elena
      • Lily
      • Jackie
      • Daria
  • Summer is harder to be put in an ecstatic mood, until you gain access to the Kitchen Upgrade
    • Despite of the earliest desert you can get is poached fruit, spirits cannot be fed the same meal consecutively


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