Spiritfarer Wiki

As Spiritfarer, Stella is the captain of a boat that she uses to ferry spirits around the world to complete their unfinished business, then escort them to the Everdoor. It is powered by the Everlight and can only be sailed by a Spiritfarer.

The boat is obtained from Gwen, who was planning to use it to escape from the island she was trapped on. However, she could not operate it without the Everlight, and turned the boat over to Stella once she was rescued. Gwen teaches Stella how to use the boat's many features and is the first passenger of the game.

Boat Areas[]

Stella's Cabin[]

Located at the stern of the ship is Stella's cabin. It is initially locked, but can be accessed after receiving the key for Stella's Cabin from Gwen at the start of the game. Inside is the Map Projector and Stella's bed, where she can sleep until morning.

Hanging just outside of Stella's cabin is the bell, and on top is the Blueprint Station.


The deck is the buildable area on Stella's boat where buildings can be placed. The size of the boat's deck increases with each upgrade from Albert's Shipyard to accommodate more buildings. The deck starts as a 16 by 15 grid, and can be expanded up to a 66 by 67 grid.

Sitting at the very rear of the boat behind Stella's cabin is the fishing rod.


The very front of the ship is a very important spot. It's where all new spirit passengers are welcomed and transform from their denizen appearances. It is where Astrid stands to start the Turtle sisters events, and where Summer stands to start the Dragon events. At the end of her voyage, Alice asks Stella to escort her to the prow to admire the view.


Shellfish can often be found clinging to the hull. They can be harvested by swimming alongside the ship.

Stella's rowboat is hanging against the hull beneath her cabin.

Boat Features[]

Stella's boat is equipped with many features for making her job as Spiritfarer easier. Most of them are accessible from the start of the game.

Map Projector[]

Activating the Map Projector opens a secondary screen used to navigate. On this screen, Stella can view the areas of the map she's unlocked. The map in slowly revealed as she sails to new locations, which are often marked or revealed after receiving a quest or letter. The boat's current location is marked by an arrow decorated with a star, and new locations can be selected using the tool tip. The tool tip shows coordinates, and hovering over islands and events will show more information, such as resources, shop items, and secret chests.

After selecting a location, the screen automatically closes, and the ship will sail itself to its new destination.

Blueprint Station[]

The Blueprint Station is located on top of Stella's cabin and is used to construct, rearrange, and improve the buildings on the boat. Upgrades can be purchased from Albert's Shipyard, but the first one is free.

Fishing Rod[]

The fishing rod is used to catch fish for cooking and eating and is always accessible. The fish (as well as trash) available to be caught varies based on region, time of day, and weather.


Hanging outside Stella's cabin is the bell, which is used to wake passengers every morning. The bell can be rung at any time, but ringing it before dawn can negatively affect passengers' moods. Ringing the bell is not required every morning, but doing so is the only way to wake passengers who are still sleeping.

Stella's Rowboat[]

Hanging beneath her cabin is Stella's rowboat, used to travel between the boat and ashore to Islands. The rowboat is only accessible when docked at an island. Passengers will sometimes join Stella in the rowboat before she leaves as their Requests progress, but leaving without them will not affect their reappearance or further progression.


The mailbox is not initially available and must be purchased from Albert's Shipyard. After certain quest, Stella may receive mail informing her of new locations to visit, treasure maps to follow, or supplying her with her weekly Feedorama subscription. It is also how Albert delivers new Blueprints after Stella obtains new Abilities.


Boat upgrades can be purchased from Albert at his Shipyard.

Blueprint Station Upgrades[]

Upgrade Cost Blueprints Unlocked
  • Free

Boat Size Upgrades[]

Upgrade Cost Size
The Exploring Krill 0 Glim Small (16 x 15)
The Intrepid Otter 1200 Glim Medium (23 x 18)
The Adventurous Manatee 4000 Glim Large (30 x 22)
The Dauntless Dolphin 8000 Glim Massive (38 x 34)
The Brawlish Narwhal 16000 Glim Giant (45 x 41)
The Flawless Beluga 30000 Glim Mighty (52 x 48)
The Silent Orca 45000 Glim Immense (59 x 55)
The Fearless Whale 80000 Glim Colossus (66 x 67)

Boat Improvement Upgrades[]

Upgrade Cost Description
Mailbox Receives mail
Icebreaker Moves through ice barriers
Hermes' Hymm Makes the boat go 20% faster
Rock Destroyer Moves through rock barriers
Choral Bouqet Makes the boat go 40% faster
Mist Cleaner 1000 Moves through fog barriers
Moon Solo Makes the boat go 60% faster
Sun Ballad Makes the boat go 80% faster