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Stanley's Playroom is a building on Stella's boat. It is home to the spirit Stanley. It is a unique building, though it is not available for construction through the Blueprint Station like the other Spirit Houses.



Stanley's Playroom is nearly identical in appearance to the Guest House. It has pale yellow siding with a muted green a asymmetrical skillion roof and lots of windows. It has a two-door light green entrance.



Stanley's Playroom is unique in that it is built from a request instead of from the Blueprint Station.

Big Boy's Room[]

After Stanley claims the Guest House, he will begin making his own improvements to the building. Eventually he will request two things from Stella:

Giving Stanley these materials counts as fully improving Stanley's Playroom and will trigger the achievement "Fully Improved: Stanley". Soon after, Stanley's Playroom will be opened and Stella will be able to enter.


After Stanley's Playroom is opened, Stanley will introduce Stella to the ghost beetle he found hiding in the couch of the Guest House, Jacob. Interacting with Jacob in his tank will trigger the Event where Bottled Ectoplasm can be collected. Jacob will stay on the boat after Stanley leaves through the Everdoor.