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Stanley is a spirit character in Spiritfarer. Unlike other spirits, he is grown in a Garden from the Mysterious Seed, which can be fished out of the water after escorting four spirits to the Everdoor, or purchased from Francis.


Stanley is very cheerful and will have odd requests compared to many of the other passengers. He will ask you to put odd things in the Foundry, or cook strange items in the Kitchen. He's very curious, and creative and has a passion for putting on plays, drawing and talking to his friend Jacob the beetle.

He enjoys following you around, curious as to what the mighty captain is up to, expressing that he wants to be a captain like yourself when he gets older. He doesn't understand why people are mean sometimes, and can be easily disheartened. However, he always seems to bounce back, and cheer himself up again.

"I remember what my dad used to say. 'Stanley, people are not really mean. Sometimes their intentions just take the wrong path.'" - Stanley

Similar to how you're seen, Stanley seems to hold his father in high regards. He worries that he let his mother down. As though by falling prey to his disease, he disappointed her.

Stanley says that 'it's okay to lose sometimes' in reference to the fact he was unable to wake up. In his deathbed, he claims he was trying to be brave, but he was afraid of what was to come. He wishes to become a superhero so that he wont have to be afraid, and hopes that everything he's going through is just a nightmare. He talked to himself, trying to wake himself up. He tried his hardest but was unable to win.

At the everdoor, before his final moments, he requests you take care of Jacob, his pet beetle. Perking up in his final moments to proudly say he's become the main character of his play and he will put on a good show. In the end, he feels cold, wishing his mom and dad were present, but saying he's thankful that you're here.


Stanley is a wonderful 8-year-old boy who met Stella as he was losing his fight against a fatal disease. Cheerful and whimsical, Stanley is gifted with an analytical mind which allows him to crack one-liners and aphorisms. His wisdom makes full grown adults blush in humility.

As the youngest patient Stella ever had to take care of, Stan left an unforgettable imprint on her. He helped her realize that death can take many forms, and that wisdom and peace of mind can be found in the most unusual patients.[1]



  • Enjoyed listening to Atul's flute. (+3)
  • Is starving. (-3)
  • Has a nice house. (+2)
  • Has eaten his favorite meal. (+2)
  • Was recently hugged. (+2)
  • Feels bullied by Mickey. (-1)
  • Sad you sold one of his pictures (-2)



  • Favorite dish: "Whaaaaat!!!!! FRENCH FRIES!!! How did you KNOW!? That's my FAVOURITE FOOD in the whole world!! You're amazing, big hat! Wait, are you a chef? Are you SURE you're not a chef? 'Cause that's restaurant grade good food! Yum..."
  • Likes:
    • "I gotta do the dance! The DESSERT dance! I do it when I'm happy!! Ok maybe I'll eat that delicious DESSERT first. It's DESSERT time! Soooo yummy..."
    • "Wow!!! Wait... Are you a mind reader? Are you SURE you're not a mind reader? Oh, well, ok, I believe you. I love it!!!! I could eat BREAKFAST all day every day!"
  • Neutral:
  • Dislikes:
    • "... That smells real odd, big hat. Are those things VEGGIES? 'Cause they sure look like VEGGIES... I don't eat VEGGIES. VEGGIES are gross."
    • "Well... I don't think I can eat that... My mother always said I couldn't... What's a STIMULANT anyways?"
    • "Bwerk! What's that? Is there... Or even... I really think that thing has FRUIT in it... FRUIT are yucky! No thanks, big hat!"
  • Same item:
  • Inedible: Who are you?
  • Not hungry: "I'm not hungry. That's weird because I'm always very hungry. But not now, for some reason. Did you give me food recently? That might be why...
  • Hungry: "Do you have a snack or something? Word of advice, big hat: You should always have at least a cookie on you. Or apple sauce.
  • Starving:
    • "Oh, come on, I'm sooooooooo hungry... I could eat a horse! No! Two Horses! With catsup and soda! Could you cook a horse? Would it enter your oven?"
    • "I'm hungry. It's illegal to let children go hungry!"


  • Giving items: "I found this in my room and thought you might need it."
  • Giving drawings: "I did this drawing for you."


  • Hugging: "That feels nice!"
  • "Oh, wow, you're good at this!
  • Second hug:
    • "Sorry, big hat, I'm busy..."
    • "I don't know... later, maybe?"
    • "Not right now..."


  • Ecstatic mood: "What are you doing? Where are you going? I want to learn how to be a captain so I'm following you!"

At The Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Big hat! Can we go yet? You decide!" (player says yes) "Thanks." ... "I almost forgot...I liked it when it was just you and me. Doing experiments and running around chasing dust shades. Don't forget to do that sometimes. i won't be there, but I'm sure it'll still be fun."
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "People can be mean. Really mean. Why do they have to be? My mom is mean sometimes. Just like your friends after my play. And it makes me sad when people are mean. And sometimes, I cry when I'm sad. But then I remember. I remember what my dad used to say. "Stanley, people are not really mean." "Sometimes, their intentions just take the wrong path." I don't hate your friends. They're not bad people. That's what my dad would say. They just do bad things sometimes." ... "I never wanted to let Mom down. Or make people not like me. I don't want to do bad things! But, sometimes I do. And I always regret it! I don't think that makes me bad. Do you think my mom will be disappointed in me? Disappointed that I had to go? I tried! I really tried! But I don't think I did it. I like it when I win! But I couldn't this time. I think it's ok. It's ok to lose sometimes. I really think it is." ... "I'm really trying to be brave. But... I'm... I'm really scared. I wish I could be a super hero. And never be afraid. I've hoped so much that this was just a nightmare. If this is a nightmare, why can't I wake up? I was trying. Trying and trying. I wanted to wake up. I always talked to myself. "Stanley wants to wake up!" But it never worked. I never woke up. It all felt so real. And it made me sad. So sad, I couldn't think of anything other than sadness. You take care of Jacob, ok? Jacob is a good beetle. And he was my friend."
  • Just before the Everdoor: "This is exactly like in my play! But this time, I am the lead actor! I will put on a good show, I promise!"
  • At the Everdoor: "I feel strange. I feel cold. I wish Mom was here. And Dad. But you are here, big hat. I really like you. I hope it's like falling asleep."


  • Big Boy's Room: "Stanley wants something soft for our transformation guest house."
    1. Give Stanley some linen fabric.
    2. Give Stanley an old tchotchke.
  • Dr. Splash's Strange Experiments: "Stanley has some interesting ideas about putting things inside my hard-earned stations. This kid is a part-time job!"
    1. Use the Crusher to experiment. (0/3)
    2. Use the Foundry to have fun. (0/3)
    3. Use the Loom to the extreme. (0/3)
  • Junior Architectural Designer: "Stanley wants some paper. I have to remember my arts and crafts class from grade school, I suppose. This kid is so full of energy."
    1. Cook Sawdust and Glue together.
    2. Give Stanley Homemade Paper.
  • It's Alive!: "Stanley wants to try fermentation. Let's let it rot in the Cellar."
    • Build the Cellar
    • Ferment something in the Cellar
  • A Play In One Act: "Stanley wants to put on a play."
    • Invite two spirits to Stanley's play
    • Go to Oxbury to see Stanley's play
    • Get reviews of the play from the spirits that attended
    • Report the reviews back to Stanley
  • Last Vacation:
    1. Take Stanley to the Everdoor

Mysterious Word[]

Stanley will ask you to give him a "FAKINHAGE" without explaining what's the meaning of this word.

The "fakinhage" is actually a regular EGG.


  • The drawings Stanley makes of Stella and some passengers were made by a real 6-year-old boy by the name of Hector, who is a team member’s son.[1]


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