Spiritfarer Wiki

Southpoint Docks is an island found in Spiritfarer.


  • 1. To the right of the map, ride the elevator up, then on top of the crane (requires Double Jump and Bounce): Diamond x1, Opal x1
  • 2. From the chest above, drop down to the platform to the right of the crane (requires (Double Jump and Bounce): Sheep Corral Improvement
  • 3. On the top platform to the upper-left of the map (requires Dash): Diamond x1, Opal x1 [also obtainable with Bounce, Double Jump, and Glide - jump from the upper right ledge, double jump to gain maximum starting height, hold down and jump buttons briefly to pass through the lower ledge (be careful not to glide), then hold jump again to bounce on the trash can below, immediately start moving left as you as end through the ledge then glide the rest of the way. This will also net an early Gold Ore.]