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Sheep are creatures found on various Islands and can be brought aboard Stella's Boat by feeding them after Alice teaches Stella how to shear sheep. Once on board, they can be housed with a Sheep Corral or they can roam freely around the boat.


Sheep are found in several different colours, including black and white, light grey and white, and dark grey and blue-grey.


Sheep can be found on:


Sheep can be tamed by feeding them any plant-based food, after which they will follow Stella back to the ship. Sheep Corrals can be built to house one sheep per Corral, which keep them from wandering the ship and destroying crops if left unfed.

A spirit gets very mad if your sheep roam freely and eat your crops, so make sure they are cooped up.

Resource Drops[]

Once tamed, sheep will drop Wool Fibre when shorn.


On platforms that have achievements, once you collect all 5 sheep, you will gain the Sheep Ranger achievement.

To achieve the Sheep Cleaner achievement, shear the sheep at least 50 times.