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Seeds is the sixth category of Items in Stella's inventory. It holds the 25 different types of seeds that can be planted in a Field, Garden, or Orchard, depending on the type of seed. Seeds must be watered periodically and will grow into plants that can be harvested for different Fruits & Veggies.

List of Seeds[]

Field Seeds[]

Can be planted in the Field.

Seed Price Produces
Linen Seed Glim.png 70 Linen Fibre
Corn Seed Glim.png 60 Corn
Coffee Beans Seed Glim.png 75 Coffee Beans
Rice Seed Glim.png 70 Rice
Tea Seed Glim.png 150 Tea Leaves
Sugar Cane Seed Glim.png 200 Sugar Cane
Sunflower Seed Glim.png 140 Sunflower Seed
Garlic Seed Glim.png 180 Garlic
Cotton Seed Glim.png 150 Cotton Fibre
Wheat Seed Glim.png 100 Wheat
Tomato Seed Glim.png 200 Tomato

Garden Seeds[]

Can be planted in the Garden.

Seed Price Produces
Odd Seed Glim.png 500 Random assortment of Tchotchkes and Empty Bottles
Fireglow Seed n/a Fireglow
Carrot Seed Glim.png 45 Carrot
Turnip Seed Glim.png 50 Turnip
Lettuce Seed Glim.png 35 Lettuce
Celery Seed Glim.png 150 Celery
Cabbage Seed Glim.png 90 Cabbage
Potato Seed Glim.png 110 Potato
Onion Seed Glim.png 250 Onion
Leek Seed Glim.png 45 Leek
Mysterious Seed n/a Stanley

Orchard Seeds[]

Can be planted in the Orchard.

Seed Price Produces
Apple Seed Glim.png 990 Apple
Cherry Seed Glim.png 1,200 Cherry
Pear Seed Glim.png 1,640 Pear
Mulberry Seed Glim.png 2,000 Silk Fibre
Peach Seed Glim.png 8,000 Peach
Olive Seed Glim.png 2,120 Olive

How to Acquire[]

Seeds can be found in Crates, bought from Raccoon Inc., rewarded from errands from Francis, or gifted from passengers.


Crates in Hummingberg region can yield Corn seed, Carrot seed, Turnip seed, Maple logs. They are located at [98, 69], [50, 100], [9, 65], [102, 142], [-27, 116].

Crates in Furogawa region can yield Rice seed, Oak Logs, Copper ore. They are located at [-56, 38], [-83, 48], [-84, 24].

Crates in Loneberg region can yield Cotton seed, Aluminium ore, Marble. They are located at [-144, 105], [-159, 133], [-181, 170], [-170, 211], [-51, 171].

Crates in Oxbury region can yield Wheat seed, Potato seed, Ash logs. They are located at [181, 22], [130, -119].

Raccoon Inc.[]

Location Sells
Hummingberg Linen Seed, Corn Seed, Coffee Beans Seed, Carrot Seed, Turnip Seed
Furogawa Rice Seed, Leek Seed, Apple Seed, Linen Seed, Pork
Hikarishima Lighthouse Tea Seed, Lettuce Seed, Cherry Seed, Linen Seed, Opal
Bottom Line Corp. Linen Seed, Corn Seed, Coffee Beans Seed, Carrot Seed, Turnip Seed, Seed Samplers
Nordweiler Celery Seed, Sunflower Seed, Pear Seed, Cabbage Seed, Chicken, Pork, Metal Rope
Loneberg Cabbage Seed, Cotton Seed, Metal Rope, Glass
Oxbury Potato Seed, Wheat Seed, Mulberry Seed, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Egg
Edgeborough Lane Olive Seed, Sugar Cane Seed, Proof of Purchase: Cow, Obol x1
Greymist Peaks Onion Seed, Tomato Seed, Garlic Seed, Peach Seed

Errands from Francis[]

Errands are (mostly) repeatable quests that Francis offers which will refresh after an in-game day.

Name Requirements Reward Repeatable? Unlocks after
Peaches & Cream Yes


Seed Seed cost Produces

(quantity with full

upgraded structures)

Selling cost

of product


for 1 harvest

Grows in a Field - 1 time cycle
Linen Seed 70 Linen Fibre x3 40 50
Garlic Seed 180 Garlic x1 520 340
Tomato Seed 200 Tomato x3 380 940
Corn Seed 60 Corn x5 30 90
Coffee Beans Seed 75 Coffee Beans x2 90 105
Rice Seed 70 Rice x3 75 155
Tea Seed 150 Tea leaves x2 300 450
Sugar Cane Seed 200 Sugar Cane x2 300 400
Sunflower Seed 140 Sunflower Seeds x4 70 140
Cotton Seed 75 Cotton fibre x4 120 (360 if made into 4 fabrics) 480 (1365 if made into 4 fabrics)
Wheat Seed 100 Wheat x3 100 250
Tea Seed 150 Tea x2 300 450
Grows in a Garden - 1 time cycle
Celery Seed 150 Celery x3 150 300
Carrot Seed 45 Carrot x3 75 180
Leek Seed 90 Leek x4 140 515
Cabbage Seed 90 Cabbage x1 400 310
Lettuce Seed 35 Lettuce x1 250 215
Fireglow Seed N.A Fireglow x2 140
Onion Seed 250 Onion x1 1200 950
Potato Seed 110 Potato x4 55 490
Turnip Seed 50 Turnip x3 90 220
Grows in Orchard - regrows after harvesting
Apple Seed 990 Apple x4 40 160 repeatable
Cherry Seed 1200 Cherry x7 50 350 repeatable
Pear Seed 1640 Pear x3 70 210 repeatable
Mulberry Seed 2000 Silk Fibre x5 100 500 repeatable
Peach Seed 8000 Peach x4 175 700 repeatable
Olive Seed 2120 Olive x7 120 840 repeatable


Seed titles might have changed, those are from the Alpha Build demo and players could plant Corn for Gwen in the already prepared Field.


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