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The Sawmill is a building for Stella's boat used to cut wood logs into planks.


Stella is first instructed to build the Sawmill by Atul during the Request "Woodwork", though it can be built and operated before then. Doing so will prompt Atul to interrupt and show you the right way to do it in "Measure Twice, Cut Once".

As a Production Building, constructing additional Sawmills will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same.


Maple Log

Linen Thread
First (Base Cost) 14 20
Second 28 40
Third 42 60
Fourth & up 56 80


Stella can interact with the Sawmill to start a minigame to produce wood items. Only one type of log can be processed at a time, though a large quantity can be selected for cutting at once. After the chosen log and amount is selected and confirmed, the Sawmill will continue to run until all logs have been cut. Leaving the Sawmill before cutting all added logs will leave the remaining items in the Sawmill.

When in a good mood, Atul will occasionally use the Sawmill and later gift the finished planks.

Craftable Items[]

The crafting output of the Sawmill is determined by how well Stella does in the minigame. Keeping the yellow indicator along the dotted yellow line for the entire length of the log will produce the maximum output. Missing the line completely will produce the minimum.

Input Output
Oak Log
Maple Log
Ash Log
Pine Log


"You'll get all the logs you've been dreaming of."


The Sawmill improvement is found from the coordinates given by a treasure map at [85,165].


Increases minimum output to 3 and maximum output to 6 planks per log.