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Screenshot of the Request panel in Spiritfarer (Alpha Build Demo)

Quests in Spiritfarer are initiated by conversations with the passengers.

Spirit's Quests[]

Alice's Quests[]

Astrid's Quests[]

Atul's Quests[]

Beverly's Quests[]

Bruce & Mickey's Quests[]

Buck's Quests[]

Daria's Quests[]

Elena's Quests[]

Giovanni's Quests[]

Gustav's Quests[]

Gwen's Quests[]

Jackie's Quests[]

Lily's Quests[]

Stanley's Quests[]

Summer's Quests[]

Other Quests[]

Albert's Quests[]

Francis' Quests[]



Potential spoilers ahead!

Alpha Demo Quests[]

  • Home is where the heart is
  • A necklace of hope
  • Field of dreams
  • Master chef
  • The mist guardian
  • Nice catch