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Pulsar Rays are location-based Events where Pulsar Ore can be collected after the event is introduced by the Spirits Bruce & Mickey. Exactly 1 Pulsar Ore will be collected for each Pulsar Ray that Stella touches during the event.

Like all events, the Pulsar Rays event can still occur after the Spirit helper leaves through the Everdoor. Instead of talking to Bruce to start the event, it can be started by interacting with the door to Bruce and Mickey's Crib.

Finding the Event[]

Two of the Pulsar Rays Events can be found in the Oxbury Region, which is south-eastern region that can be accessed after getting the Rock Destroyer Boat Upgrade.

The other Pulsar Rays Event can be found in the Crow's End Region (Northeast Sub-region), which can be accessed after getting Mist Cleaner 1000 Boat Upgrade.

There is no visual or audio indication when Stella's Boat gets in range of one of the Pulsar Rays Events, but her boat will stop moving like any other event.


Deadly Pulsar Rays[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
Main article: Deadly Pulsar Rays

Event Minigame[]

During the event, pulsar rays will shoot across the screen as rays of light, and each ray Stella touches will drop 1 Pulsar Ore.

The pulsar rays will shoot from all four directions of the screen unlike some of the other Events, but will generally only come from one direction at a time.

Additionally the pulsar rays will not always travel straight and may go in oscillating paths or go into a circular path before continuing forward again.