Spiritfarer Wiki

Mood is a status for Spirits, which can be seen as one of the options when talking to a Spirit.

Mood Details[]

Mood is shown as a dot on a scale of various faces. Mood is a numeric value, calculated by adding up the effects from Influences. Influences are given as a list when checking on the Mood of a Spirit. Influences have a brief text description, as well as arrows indicating its effect on Mood. Influences appear as part of the Spirit’s storyline, as well as actions by Stella.


Each Spirit provides various Perks depending on the Mood value. Perks provided by each Spirit are listed below.

Spirit Mood Gray.png
Very sad
Mood Blue.png
Mood Teal.png
Mood Green.png
Mood Yellow.png
Alice file.png
  • Says mean things.
  • Takes out burnt food.
  • Cooks food for you.
  • Shops for ingredients.
  • Picks fresh fruit.
  • Plays joyful music.
  • Gossips about recipes.
Astrid file.png
  • Harvests ore.
  • Uses smelter.
  • Fishes for you.
Atul file.png
  • Repairs buildings on the boat.
  • Harvests wood.
  • Makes planks.
  • Plays joyful music.
Beverly file.png
  • Knits for you.
  • Sits on chairs.
  • Gives you fireglow.
Bruce & Mickey file.png
Bruce & Mickey
  • Lets sheep out of their enclosure.
  • Says mean things.
  • Harvests wool.
  • Harvests pulsar ore.
Buck file.png
  • Harvests mushrooms.
  • Gives you snacks.
  • Harvests XP Potion.
Elena file.png
  • Gives you harsh feedback.
Giovanni file.png
  • Does nothing.
  • Lies on sofa.
  • Flirts with other passengers.
  • Gives you jewels.
  • Harvests comet rocks.
Gustav file.png
  • Plays sad music.
  • Gives you valuable items.
  • Plays happy music.
  • Makes sushi.
Gwen file.png
  • Shops for fibers.
  • Shops for threads.
  • Uses the loom.
  • Harvests fiber.
Stanley file.png
  • Breaks stations.
  • Brings you useless garbage.
  • Gives you nice drawings.
  • Follows you around.
Summer file.png
  • Plays music to plants.
  • Shops for seeds.


Some Influences have a clock symbol. These Influences will fade away as time passes in game, but some of these Influences can be refreshed by Stella’s actions. (An example is the Influence "Was recently hugged. (+2)", which can be refreshed).

Influences without a clock symbol will not fade away as time passes in game, but some can be removed or replaced by actions. (An example is the Influence "Is starving (-3)" is removed after the passenger is fed.)

Food Influences[]

Additional clarifications on the Influences for Food:

  • A passenger that has not been recently fed can gain the Influence "Is hungry. (-2)". If the passenger is still not fed after some time, the Influence "Is hungry.(-2)" is replaced with the Influence "Is starving. (-3)."
  • The Influence "Is starving. (-3)" is not cumulative. -3 is the maximum effect from starving, even if you keep the passenger starving for multiple days.
  • Similarly, the maximum effect from feeding a Spirit is +2 from the Influence "Has eaten his/her favourite meal. (+2)". If you feed the Spirit with food he/she loves or likes for multiple consecutive days, there is no cumulative effect on Mood.