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Milk belongs to the Ingredients category of Items. It is obtained by milking a cow in a Cow Stall and is used in Cooking.


Milk is exclusively obtained by milking a cow in a Cow Stall. Milking a cow will always produce 3 Milk.


Ingredient Info
Type: Dairy Size: N/A


Milk can be aged in a Cellar to produce Yoghurt, or to produce Cheese if left alone for long enough.


Milk counts as a dairy in Cooking at a Kitchen.

No. Dish Ingredients Category Dish size Sell Price
35 Milquetoast Milk, Corn Flour Breakfast, Plain Snack Glim.png 210
36 Hot Milk Dairy Breakfast Snack Glim.png 210
39 Mock Gruel Sawdust, Dairy Acquired Taste Snack Glim.png 215
41 Clam Chowder Clam/Hard-Shell Clam,


Soup Regular Glim.png 235
44 Chai Latte Fireglow, Dairy Exotic, Stimulant Snack Glim.png 250
48 Cereal Bowl Grain, Dairy Breakfast Regular Glim.png 260
50 Rice Pudding Rice, Dairy Breakfast Regular Glim.png 265
59 Latte Coffee Beans, Dairy Stimulant Snack Glim.png 300
80 Crepes Wheat Flour, Milk/Cream Dessert Regular Glim.png 410
85 Scrambled Eggs Egg, Dairy Breakfast Small Glim.png 450
94 English Tea Tea Leaves, Dairy Stimulant Snack Glim.png 525
99 Toffee Dairy, Sweetener Dessert Snack Glim.png 680