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The Loom is a Production building for Stella's boat used to weave fibres into thread, and thread into fabrics.


Stella is first instructed to build the Loom by Gwen during the Request "Cut from the same cloth", though it can be built and thread woven before then.

As a Production building, constructing additional Looms will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same.


Maple Log


First (Base Cost) 10 8
Second 20 16
Third 30 24
Fourth & Additional 40 32


Stella can interact with the Loom to start a minigame to produce cloth items. Only one item can be processed at a time, though more than 70 of the same item can be selected for weaving at once. After the chosen item and amount is selected and confirmed, Stella will continue to weave until all items have been processed or she leaves. Leaving the Loom before weaving all added items will leave the remaining items in the Loom.

When in a good mood, Gwen will occasionally use the Loom and later gift the finished threads and cloths.

Craftable Items[]

Most of the items processed and crafted at a Loom belong to the Cloths category of items.

The crafting output of the Loom is determined by how well Stella does in the minigame. Hitting the golden diamond in the center of the measuring stick will produce the maximum output.

Input Output
Linen Fibre 1-3 Linen Thread
Linen Thread 1-3 Linen Fabric 1
Wool Fibre 1-3 Wool Thread
Wool Thread 1-3 Wool Fabric 1
Cotton Fibre 1-3 Cotton Thread
Cotton Thread 1-3 Cotton Fabric 1
Nebula Fibre 1-3 Nebula Thread
Nebula Thread 1-3 Nebula Fabric 1
Silk Fibre 1-3 Silk Thread
Silk Thread 1-3 Silk Fabric 1
Copper Ore 1-2 Metal Rope 2
Leek, Honey, or Lime Powder Failed Experiment 2

1 Can only be crafted using the improved loom.

2 Can only be crafted after Stanley's request to experiment with all of the crafting buildings.


"Weave swiftly like all your tailoring idols."


The Loom Improvement is at Villa Maggiore, from the rare chest on the balcony. This Improvement is automatically obtained as part of Gwen's storyline.


Unlocks the processing of threads to fabrics.