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Hummingberg, the first major location Stella visits.

There are several Locations in Spiritfarer which Stella and the spirits aboard may visit with Stella's Boat.


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Points of Interest[]

These points will appear directly near, or in front of Stella's ship. There are also some mini events that may happen in certain points of the map.

Alex's Bus Stop

Bus Stops[]

Bus Stops function as fast travel locations where Alex the seal can teleport your boat to any other Bus Stop you have discovered.

Francis' shop


Francis runs a shop where he buys anything and sells a few oddities. He also offers Stella errands, which are simple fetch-quests. You can buy Odd Seeds from him, which can be planted in the garden to produce various Tchotchke.

Turtle Sisters[]

The Turtle Sisters allow Stella to plant Ores or Logs on their backs, which eventually grow into the ore nodes or trees of what was planted.

Susan's Museum[]

Susan's Museum is where you may collect prizes for your collections. Collections include fish, recipes, gems, metals, and figurines.


There are Crates scattered about the map, where Stella can find a variety of different seeds, minerals, and Tchotchkes.

Event Locations[]

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There are a few special coordinates related to requests, as well as the locations given by treasure maps.