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Lily is the spirit manifestation of Stella's younger sister. She was released on April 20th in the Spring 2021 update.

As Stella sets more spirits free and their cabins fill with flowers, butterflies start to appear. When there are enough butterflies, a flower above Stella's cabin will glow at night. Interacting with it causes the butterflies to settle and form Lily.

Lily allows you to navigate at night (Buck informs you about this). She only takes form at night and reverts back into individual butterflies during the day.

Lily is not actually dead, being actually a manifestation of her voice in the real world when she first appears and upon completing her quests. As such, she requires neither a Spirit House nor food. When interacting with her, she does not speak; Stella gives her a hug instead.

When Stella makes her final departure, butterflies follow her rowboat as she heads to the Everdoor.


Lily's quests require Stella to visit certain shrines at night, at which she explains the various memories revealed by Hades. The images of these memories are in a photo album at Stella's bedside.

  • Time Abroad: I can hear Lily’s voice. She’s here with me, somehow. Let’s head to Hummingberg. I want to hear her voice again.
  • Striking out on my Own: I don't remember all of these things. It’s been so long. To hear Lily's voice is such a sweet song.
  • Family Ties: I don’t want to stop, even if it’s painful to hear these things. Lily, we need to keep going.
  • To Tundra: Oh, Lily. I know this is painful for you. We are almost there... together.

At the end of her quests, Lily comments that she and Marie will always be with Stella.


  • Lily is the only spirit that is revealed at first in the real world, as memories from Hades.
  • Lily was Buck's friend, and it was through her recounts that Stella learned about him.
  • She was referred as "Lilly" in the artbook. [1]
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