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Kaltstein Mines is an island found in Spiritfarer.

Note that you cannot enter the mines proper without the Key for the Kaltstein Mines. The guard outside will give the key after completing the Shenanigans "Training Wheels", which requires having the Abilities Double Jump, Glide, and Zipline

The mines provide Marble, which is needed as part of the storyline.


  • 1. Bottom-left of map, hidden passage to the left: Hematite x1, Metal Rope x1
  • 2. Right side of map, hidden passage to the right of the Coal mining spot: Maple Syrup x5, Amethyst x1
  • 3. A secret passage just below the end of the sloped drop off at the start of the mine. You can reach it by gliding down from the end of the slope. Can also be reached by dashing left from the Marble mining spot: Crystal Chandelier x1, Metal Rope x1
  • 4. Upper part of map, up the air ducts, fall down the narrow passage between the Marble and Coal mining spots: Sunflower Seed x1, Pear Seed x1
  • 5. Upper part of map, from the Marble mining spot, hidden passage to the upper right (requires Dash): Opal x1, Metal Rope x1
  • 6. Upper-left of map, take the zipline to accelerate, then jump left through the hidden passage: Diamond x2, Fancy Vase x1



  • Arrows indicate one-way passages.
  • Dashed lines indicate hidden passages. (Hidden passages are marked by ropes going into the wall.)
  • Green lines indicate an air draft.
  • Gold lines indicate a zipline.
  • Purple lines indicate a gap that requires Dash to clear.
  • Numbers refer to chests, as described in the Chests section above.