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Jackie is a Spirit character released on December 13th in the Fall 2021 update.

He is a caretaker at an old run-down hospital in Overbrook. His main patient is Daria. He worked with Stella when she was a nurse and he was an orderly, and envied her constant positivity and ability to deal with tough patients.


  • Snack Attack: "I've met my old colleague Jackie at Overbrook. He asked me to get him a snack from the hospital's vending machine."
  • Onboarding: "Jackie invited me for a tour of his workplace, Overbrook. I should follow him around."
  • The Slop Shop: "The cafeteria at Overbrook has run out of supplies. Jackie has asked me for some."
  • Wells Fartgo & CO: "I've received a letter from Jackie. I should read it!"
  • Advanced Snackology: "Jackie has informed me that the vending machine at Overbrook has been restocked. I should go back and take a look!"
  • Slop 'N Slide: "Jackie has sent me a message through the pager. It sounds like there's a kitchen emergency over at Overbrook."
  • Hide and Seek: "Jackie has sent me a message through the pager. It sounds like he has "lost some people" and is "freaking out" over at Overbrook."
  • House Call: "Jackie has sent me a series of strange messages through the pager. I'm not sure what is going on, but I should be checking on him, over at Overbrook."
  • Engineering 101: "Jackie has sent me a message through the pager. It sounds like there are some power issues over at Overbrook."
  • The Incident: "Jackie has sent me a message through the pager. He sounded very, very mad. I should probably head to Overbrook right away."
  • Perimeter Sweep: "A passenger has complained about late night noise, but I'm not sure what this could be about. I should look around the boat."
    1. Talk to one of your passengers
    2. Find Jackie in Gwen's Lodge
    3. Talk to Jackie
  • Feelin' the Buzz: "Jackie has something to show me in the field. He seems pretty excited about it!"
  • Hello, my Name is Jackie: "Jackie would like his own room, so he could assist me better with my tasks on the boat."
  • Hang in There, Skeleton!: "Jackie has told me that he finds the bare walls of his room a bit depressing, and has asked me to get him some posters."
  • A Heart-Sized Desert: "Jackie did not react very well to the motivational posters. He thinks that a sand garden would help him be more at peace."
  • Letting It Go for Dummies: "With everything else failing, Jackie has shifted the blame of his problems on his poor education. He's motivated to better himself through reading."
  • The Depths of the Pit: "Jackie does not wish to stay on the boat anymore. I should respect his wishes, and lead him away with dignity."
  1. Take Jackie to the EVERDOOR


  • Favorite dish: Chilaquiles
    • "Are those...Chilaquiles? Shit, Stellers, for me? You're such a pal! You remembered my favourite dish! Steaming hot, crispy, and so spicy it burns twice! Thanks, Stella, you're the best!"
  • Likes:
    • Meat
      • "Damn right! A MEATY dish! Y'know, Stellars, I'm a big boy. Only MEAT can give me the protein to sustain my body! It ain't rocket science!"
  • Neutral:
  • Dislikes:
    • Healthy Food
      • "Do I look like a cow? Bring me something a bit less HEALTHY, please."
  • Same item:
  • Inedible:
  • Not Hungry:
    • "I'm not hungry."
  • Hungry:
  • Starving:


  • Honey: "I harvested some honey. Take it!"


  • Hugging:
    • "HR told us about PDA. Glad to see you're not a square."
    • "Oh, yeah. That's the stuff. Thanks."
  • Second hug:
    • "Yeah, gonna pass. Thanks."
    • "Sure. Let's spend the whole day hugging. Like hippies."

At The Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "Hey, Stella. I know it's a bit late, but... I wanted to thank you for taking care of me. Y'know, on the boat. I know I didn’t deserve it. Maybe that's the difference between you and me. You don't care about all that. You don't judge. I don't want to sound mean, but you're simple like that. You see someone who needs help, and you help them. No questions asked. No payment expected. That's just how you are. And… You didn’t try and stop me when I said I wanted to leave. Thanks for respecting that." ... "I remember when I started working at the hospital. People kept telling me how great and noble I was for doing it. I was happy to take the compliment. I felt proud. And I even started to believe it... ... You know, I worked in that hospital for fifteen years. I'm not trying to make any excuses, but... Never seen my bosses, not once. Just an endless parade of supervisors and managers. And half a box of donuts for the night staff on New Year's Eve." ... "There was a book. Y'know, in the books you gave me. It was about, erm, myths and stuff. Like old-ass stories. One of the book's chapters was about the "afterlife." Things that happen after people die. In one of the stories, there was a river. And if you drank from it, you'd forget everything from your life. Just, like, blank slate. Poof, like that. Ain't that crazy? And then there was this other place, with a weird name. Like... "Shole"? Something like that. It was kinda like Hell. Except, not really. No fire, and no pitchforks. That's where dead folks go. And not just the bad ones. Everybody. And in the Shole, I remember that, everybody's equal. And there's no comfort. Doesn't mean it's uncomfortable. There's just... nothing. Nothing good. And nothing bad. And you're shielded from light, and from judgment. The dead go there to be forgotten by the living. But they also forget, and then turn to dust. Until there's nothing left. Just dust and forgetfulness, everywhere and forever. ..."
  • Just before the Everdoor: "Can you imagine that, Stella? Dust and forgetfulness... What a thought..."
  • At the Everdoor: "Yeah, okay. We're there. I, huh... Just... Yeah, just bring it in." ... "See ya on the other side, Stellers. Or not."


  • Normally, Jackie is found on Gwen's Lodge in the "Perimiter Sweep". However, if assuming Gwen is still on the boat, up to this quest he will automatically be transferred to the Guest House, however with the dialouge of catching him still going on
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