Spiritfarer Wiki

There are 15 categories of Items in Stella's inventory in Spiritfarer


The Documents category contains letters from Mailbox, letter from characters in game, treasure maps, drawings from Stanley, or Glim bottles.


The Special category contains keys, music sheets, Spirit Flowers, and personal nick-knacks from some of the spirit characters.


The Tchotchkes category is mostly comprised of treasures that contain the text "Should be sold." in their description. The two exceptions to this are the Proof of Purchase: Cow, which is used to create the Cow Stall, and Old Shoe, which is used to create Household Glue.


The Grains category contains the three grains, Corn, Wheat, & Rice, and their flours, Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, & Rice Flour, which are made at the Windmill.


The Ingredients category consist of cooking ingredients that are either bought from Raccoon Inc., rewarded from errands from Francis, obtained from animals (Egg and Milk), harvested from non-fruit/veggie/grains plants, created at the Crusher, or aged at the Cellar.


The Seeds category includes the actual seeds that can be grown on Stella's ship in the Garden, Field, & Orchard as well as the seed collections which contain 3(?) of each seed of the corresponding type.


The Fishing category contains all of the seafood can be either be caught from Fishing or picked from the side of Stella's boat. Fish can also be found in some chests.

Fruits & Veggies[]

The Fruits & Veggies category contains all of the fruits and vegetables that can be grown in the Field or Garden, picked from bushes on islands, or picked from trees in the Orchard.


The Dishes category contains all of the food Cooked by Stella in the Kitchen, as well as Sushi which is gifted by Gustav and Surstromming which is made in the Cellar.


The Rocks category contains all of the non-ore Mined materials as well as any powders that can be made at the Crusher.


The Metals category contains all of the Ores Mined from rocks, Ingots made at the Foundry, and metal sheets made at the Smithy, as well as Glass which is interestingly not in the glass category.


The Gems category contains all of the gemstones in the game as well as Lightning in a Bottle, XP Potion, Bottled Ectoplasm, & Bright Jelly


The Glass category does not contain the item Glass, but it does have the Empty Bottles which can be smelted down into Glass at the Foundry, as well as the Crystal Glass Sheet and the Clear Glass Sheet which are both made at the Smithy.


The Cloths category contains all fibres that can be collected as well as all of the threads and fabrics that can be made at the Loom.


The Wood category contains the logs that can be chopped on islands, as well as the planks and Sawdust that can be made at the Sawmill.