Spiritfarer Wiki

Islands are Locations where Stella's Boat may be anchored near and Stella may dock with her rowboat. Here, there are various points of interest to explore or visit to trigger certain requests and Shenanigans.

Everdoor Region[]

The Everdoor Region is a small region in the middle of the map, with a redder tint than the rest of the map.

This region is one of red, still waters. The sky will appear bright, regardless of the actual time of day. Entering or leaving causes a jarring change in the backdrop.

In this region, apparitions of passengers sent through the Everdoor are visible at the door of their respective Spirit Houses.

Hummingberg Region[]

The Hummingberg Region is the largest region, and comprises of 2 sub-regions.


The first sub-region consists of green islands east of the Everdoor, and is accessible from the beginning of the game.


The second sub-region consists of blue islands to the north and requires the Icebreaker boat upgrade.

Furogawa Region[]

The Furogawa Region is the region of red islands to the west.

Industrial District[]

The Industrial District is the region of dull yellow islands to the southeast of the Hummingberg Region.

Oxbury Region[]

The Oxbury Region is the region of yellow islands to the far east and requires the Rock Destroyer boat upgrade.

Crow's End Region[]

Potential spoilers ahead!

The Crow's End Region comprises of 2 sub-regions of gray islands and requires the Mist Cleaner 1000 boat upgrade. Part of it is located at the far southwest, and the other is located at the far northeast.