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Honey belongs to the Ingredients category of Items from Spiritfarer. It is rewarded from errands from Francis and completing collections for Susan, and is used in Cooking Recipes in a Kitchen.

 How to Acquire[]

Honey can be obtained as a reward from errands from Francis, as well as completing the second tier of cooking collections for Susan. Honey also can be produced by bees in Beehive (Field upgrade).

Errands are (mostly) repeatable fetch quests that refresh after one day cycle.

Name Requirements Reward Repeatable? Unlocks after
Honey, I shrunk the Fishes Yes


Honey is used exclusively as a Sweetener when Cooking Recipes in a Kitchen.

Ingredient Info
Type: Sweetener Size: N/A

Recipes []

No. Dish Ingredients Category Dish size Sell Price
33 Cough Drops Honey, Fireglow Healthy, Stimulant Snack 200
45 Glazed Carrots Honey, Carrot Comfort Regular 250
53 Fruit Candy Fruit, Sweetener Dessert Snack 270
63 Sweet Coffee Coffee Beans, Sweetener Stimulant Snack 320
67 Cake Flour, Sweetener Dessert Regular 335
70 Lokma Honey, Flour Dessert Small 350
82 Sweet Yoghurt Yoghurt, Sweetener Dessert, Breakfast Snack 430
84 Lollipop Honey Dessert Snack 450
85 Honey Ham Honey, Pork Old Fashioned Large 450
86 Candy Sweetener Dessert Snack 450
88 Crême brûlée Egg, Sweetener Dessert Regular 455
96 Sweet Tea Tea Leaves, Sweetener Stimulant Snack 580
99 Toffee Dairy, Sweetener Dessert Snack 680