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Hades is a large spiritual owl-like figure Stella meets upon delivering her first, fifth, and ninth spirit to the Everdoor.

They reside in Stella's psyche, and can be seen unfurling their wings before disappearing as you make your way up the stardust platforms. When they show themself (usually once the image of a memory has been pieced back together, and Stella has climbed to the highest platform) they appear with their back towards you, slowly turning around with shadowy eyes. They speak in short cryptic sentences.

Potential spoilers ahead!

Hades appears, and speaks.

The third time you meet them, they give you an Obol. At this point, you will receive a quest for the Last Voyage of Stella and Daffodil, indicating her journey's end. The quest appears in the Request section of the Captain's Log, just like any other Request, with the only description: My time has come.

However, you are free to choose when Stella and Daffodil should leave. Upon making this choice, you will receive the notification: 'From this point onwards, there is no turning back.' and you will be asked to confirm your decision. After selecting 'Yes', viewing the ending and selecting "Continue" in the main menu, you will continue off from right before Stella and Daffodil enters the Everdoor.

"Time and again, you call me by my name. Whisper echos of my essence, to those too afraid to hear it" - Hades

Per their namesake, Hades embodies death, and at the same time also embodies Stella's psyche. Their appearance as an owl symbolizes wisdom and justice, as how Stella perceives death to be.

They question Stella's motives with her own words, challenging if she had been helping others pass on for their sake, or her own. They ask her to reflect on what she's learned from others, and what the memories mean to her.


In Stella's psyche, Hades gradually reveals Stella's memories to her.

Lily recounts these memories later on, during her Quests.


  • Hades is internally named the "Mist Guardian". This is the reason why the final region is surrounded by mist; to symbolize how close death is for Stella.[1]


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