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Gwen's Lodge is a building on Stella's boat. It is home to the spirit Gwen.

It is the first Spirit House made available to build and is a unique building.



Gwen's Lodge is made out of yellow and reddish planks, with the roof portions being a solid red instead. The roof shingles appear to be red. There are two dark framed windows at the top portion of the house and the bottom left of the house, respectively showing Gwen's bedroom and her living room. When its morning, the green curtains hanging by the windows flip open, and when night, it closes shut. The door of Gwen's Lodge has a wooden frame and is reddish in colour, displaying Gwen's antlers on the door as well. A lantern hangs on the left, lighting at night.


The walls of Gwen's Lodge are a dark blue-green, while the floors are wooden. The top floor has her bedroom, which has a pink palette. Green curtains tied by thick brown rope cover the sides of the bedroom.

When fully upgraded, the bottom floor becomes more furnished, adding a green couch in the left corner of the room with an overhead lamp for reading. A small bookcase is added to the right corner of the room, where books and cloth can be seen. Her walls also become more decorated, with a full white diamond themed carpet with mint fur trimmings being hung on the left side of the room, and four paintings are hung over the bookshelf. The top painting depicts two deer, while the second biggest painting shows a tree, almost resembling deer antlers.


Initial Cost[]


Reading Corner Bookcase Wall Decorations


After Gwen leaves through the Everdoor, the Jellyfish Event can be started by interacting with the door.