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Gwen is a Spirit Character in Spiritfarer. She is the first spirit Stella meets after becoming the Spiritfarer. She will guide Stella in her adventures, some of them revealing Gwen's unflappable calm and others, some darker corners of her mind.


Gwen is a tall, reddish-brown deer with three sets of ears. Her spirit flower is worn on her shoulders.


In the afterlife, Gwen is the first spirit that Stella meets. The player will come across Gwen at the first island they start at, Alt Harbor. She helps out the player with a new boat, telling her that it's the boat that Stella will use along her journey. Gwen will guide the player to Albert, who will help the player upgrade the ship. Gwen teaches the player about building, recycling structures and items, and then even about cooking. Gwen will tell the player about the Bell, and about the ship as well and how it cannot be used during the night. Gwen also gives Stella her first Obol.

Gwen leads the player to Hummingberg for the first time to meet Theodore. Upon getting there, the player will see that the prices for everything is too high, so Gwen will chew him out so he lowers the prices for the player.

In life, Gwen had a difficult relationship with her parents, particularly her father. It is implied through her dialogue that she knew Stella before she became a Spiritfarer.

Gwen has a very blasé personality, possibly due to her upper-class life. However, she is very affectionate towards Stella.


Gwen’s parents had been friends with Stella’s family long before they moved to North America. As such, Gwen had been one of the very few constants in Stella’s life up to adulthood.

Gifted with a brilliant mind and a pragmatic attitude, she had a mischievous side. Being a couple of years older than Stella, Gwen had always been a big sister figure for her; one who would always nudge her towards self-affirmation and taking the risks she otherwise wouldn’t dare to take on her own.

Heir to an aristocratic but mostly dysfunctional family, Gwen had a difficult relationship with her father. He was proud of his daughter, but would often distastefully parade her and her intelligence as a way to receive self-aggrandizement. This was exacerbated by her father leaving Gwen and her mother at a fairly young age, to live with his boyfriend. Gwen only talked to the accountant a few times, including for several hours when her father died, and then never again.

Symbolic of her rebellious nature and her opposition to a guardian she had to call “Father”, Gwen picked up smoking at a very young age. Yet, despite all her courage and bravado, she never mustered the courage to smoke publicly or in front of him. Ironically, smoking is what eventually killed Gwen, when she passed from lung cancer in her 40s. As she reached the final stage of her disease, Gwen travelled back to her parent’s manor in Northern Italy’s Alpine Lakes region, and considered attempting suicide.

Ultimately, Stella reached out to her at that moment, and succeeded in helping Gwen accept her fate rather than taking her own life. [1]



  • Optimistic about her new journey. (+2)
  • Was recently hugged. (+2)
  • Has eaten a meal she likes. (+1)
  • Annoyed by the morning bell. (-1) (ring the bell during bedtime or too early in the morning)
  • Is hungry. (-2)
  • Shopped at Raccoon Inc. (+2) (from visiting an island with Raccoon Inc.)
  • Needs a home. (-2)
  • Doesn't like Atul's banging. (-2) (from Atul's Perk "Repairs buildings on the boat")
  • Visited her childhood home. (-2)
  • Happy to have shown me around the loom. (+2)
  • Has a nice house. (+2)
  • Has access to a loom (+2)
  • Happy that the loom was upgraded. (+2)

Notes on Perks[]

  • "Shops for fibres" works by visiting an island with Raccoon Inc., then talking to Gwen.
  • "Shops for thread" works by visiting an island with Raccoon Inc., then talking to Gwen.
  • "Uses the loom" works by visiting an island with Raccoon Inc., then talking to Gwen while she is using the Loom. This can provide Cloths.


Gwen introduces Stella to the Jellyfish Event, where Bright Jelly can be collected. Throughout the Jellyfish Event, green jellyfish will occasionally come through and upon catching these jellyfish, the player will gain Bright Jelly, which is used for crafting. The yellow, regular jellyfish will drop Glims. The smaller jellyfish drop 10 Glims, the larger jellyfish drop 25 Glims.

After Gwen leaves through the Everdoor, the Jellyfish Event can be started by interacting with the door of Gwen's Lodge.


Gwen's Lodge is a two-story building that has a ladder leading up to the bed.


  1. Reading Corner: adds a blue cushioned armchair.
  2. Bookcase: adds a bookcase that has two drawers on the top half, then the hollow portion where the books can go.
  3. Wall Decorations: adds 4 frames to spruce up the home.

After Gwen is led to the Everdoor, her spirit flower grows on her bed.


  • Personal Connection: "Gwen is in need of some physical contact."
    1. Hug Gwen.
  • Set Sail, Captain!: "I have the ability to travel the world now. How nice!"
    1. Start your boat in Stella's Cabin.
    2. Go to Albert's Shipyard.
    3. Upgrade your Blueprint Station.
    4. Clear the trash off your boat through the edit mode.
    5. Build a Guest House.
  • I Get Cranky When I'm Hungry: "Gwen is famished. I better make her something and feed it to her."
    1. Go hunt down some jellyfish.
    2. Build the Kitchen.
    3. Cook something in the Kitchen.
  • Seeds for the Future: "Gwen would like me to buy some seeds at a shop in Hummingberg."
    1. Go to Mosstein Cove.
    2. Cut down a Maple Tree in Mosstein Cove.
    3. Build a Field.
    4. Go to Hummingberg.
    5. Look at the shrine in the town square.
    6. Browse the shop's inventory.
    7. Buy some seeds for your Field from the merchant.
  • The More, the Merrier: "Gwen is convinced that other lost souls are out there. Let's go see."
    1. Find a passenger on Barkensheim Creek.
    2. Find a passenger in Hummingberg.
  • Spring Feet: "I've got two Obols. Let's see what happens when I activate that shrine in Hummingberg."
    1. Go activate the shrine in Hummingberg.
  • Usonia 1: "I remember Gwen's old condo. Everything looked so Nordic. It will be a blast from the past to see it on the boat."
    1. Build Gwen's Lodge.
  • Cut From The Same Cloth: "Gwen has always loved knitting and weaving. Let's make sure she can have fun with this one."
    1. Build the Loom.
  • Basic Moves: "Apparently, there is a method to this weaving madness. Gwen will surely teach me."
    1. Try the Loom.
  • Back to the Past: "Gwen wants to take a trip down memory lane, visiting her parent's house."
    1. Head over to the Villa Maggiore.
    2. Find the Loom upgrade in Villa Maggiore.
    3. Give the Music Box.
  • More than Meets the Eye: "The Loom needs a bit of a makeover. Let's see what we can do!"
    1. Improve the Loom.
    2. Try the upgraded Loom.
  • Pretty on the Inside: "Gwen's Lodge looks bare-bones. Maybe we could spice things up."
    1. Improve Gwen's Lodge by fully decorating it.
  • Taking Time Off: "Gwen doesn't feel so good right now. I should let her breathe for awhile."
    1. Wait for Gwen to feel better.
  • I Must Be Off: "Where is Gwen? I can't find her on the boat."
    1. Find Gwen's whereabouts. (talking to the other passengers will reveal Gwen went to Villa Maggiore
    2. Talk to Gwen.
    3. Hug Gwen.
    4. Talk to Gwen on your boat.
  • One Last Time: "Gwen wants to go to the Everdoor. These might be our last moments together."
    1. Bring Gwen to the Everdoor.



  • Favorite dish: "... Now, this is one damn fine cup of coffee. I've had I can't tell you how many cups of coffee in my life. But this is one of the best. Thank you very, very much, Stella."
  • Likes:
    • "Oh, thank you, Stella. I love comfort food so damn much."
    • "Ha, this is absolutely exquisite! Worthy of the best fine dining restaurants I've been to. And I've been in those a lot. Thanks a lot!"
  • Neutral: "Thanks, I love it."
  • Dislikes:
    • "Is that... shellfish? Oh, no. No, no, no. Not for me. Sorry."
    • "Mmm... No, sorry, Stella.... You know I can't eat fruit for the life of me. I've tried! But I just can't."
  • Same item: "Please... I can't eat the same thing twice. I don't hate myself that much."
  • Not hungry: "Nope. Not hungry yet."
  • Hungry:
    • "A snack would be great right about now."
    • "I've got that weird feeling. I'm actually quite hungry now."
    • "Hmmm... I could go for an amuse-bouche."
  • Starving:
    • "I just couldn't explain it at first. But then it hit me: I'm starving."
    • "I can't think about anything else but food right now."


  • Harvesting:
  • Weaving:


  • Hugging:
    • "Thank you."
    • "Thank you. I needed that."
  • Second hug:
    • "I'm fine, thank you."
    • "Sorry, I'm ok now."
    • "Thanks but that won't be necessary."

At The Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Stella. Ok. Here we are. I guess I had been waiting for that moment to arrive. Sooner or later. Will you accompany me, my friend?" (player says yes) "Thank you." ... "We are here. Stella. Look. There is something I wanted to give you. I used to hide it in my old music box. I don't know why, but it always felt to me like it was the best hiding spot. Here it is. My old lighter. I haven't thought about this old thing in a while. It barely works. I stole it off Father when I was twelve. ... Please, use it to remember me. In the good times. In the bad times. They exist together. Intertwined. If there is one thing you learned from me, it should be that."
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "Seems I couldn't escape it, doesn't it? Me being here, now. You know me, I've never been one to dwell on the past. Mainly because it always felt overwhelming to me. Like an irrepressible wave of resentment. But even at this very moment, I still wonder. I don't know if I ever tried to connect. And I've been so sure of it. My opinion just never changed. .... You know what I've always said. That people come and go, but don't pay attention to each other. They never really did. That lives are only ever parallel. Adjacent at best. Well. That's bullshit. ... I can see that now. And you're the proof of it. And not just you, but Mum cared, as well. In her own way. And others here, even given the circumstances. I still don't know about Father. I should probably forgive him now. Find that last shred of strength left in me. Would that make me a better person? Would that make a difference? Maybe. But after all this... I don't think I care. And it doesn't matter. Because I had my best friend by my side. I had you. You are a wonderful person, Stella. My life would not have been the same without you. The light you showed me was more than a beacon. It was a guide. Only I was too blind to see it. My shades were too opaque."
  • Just before the Everdoor: "Ok. Let's go. I can't hold it any longer."
  • At the Everdoor: "Thank you, Stella. Thank you for bringing me here, even if you didn't want to. Thank you for kicking my butt, and shaking my ego. Don't forget that I've loved you as much as I could. Goodbye, my friend. See you there."


  • In the Alpha Build Demo, players could meet her on the ferry, and received Corn Seed from her in the request Field of Dreams.
  • Although a woman, Gwen as a spirit owns magnificent antlers, which symbolize the admiration Stella has for her friend, and how she managed to carve out a brilliant career in a male-dominated professional world.[1]
  • Gwen's dialogue when given her favourite dish is a reference to Twin Peaks, in which Dale Cooper says the same line.


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