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Francis, The Wandering Merchant is a merchant that appears on various locations in the map as a little icon of his head. Francis will buy anything in Stella's inventory that can be sold, making him the only buyer of Tchotchkes in the game. He will also offer various rewards for Errands.


Tchotchke Sell Price
Fancy Vase 410
Proof of Purchase: Cow 375
Mint Collectible Card 2000
Old Coin Collection 880
Miniature Diorama 1490
Old Carpet 1000
Old Painting 780
Ceramic Bowl 645
Valuable Ring 480
Antique Bust 550
Old Shoe 8


Item Price
Old Shoe 16
Odd Seed 500
Empty Bottle 20


Errands are (mostly) repeatable quests that Francis offers which will refresh after an in-game day.

Name Requirements Reward Repeatable? Unlocks after
Garlic Breath
  • 5000 Glim.png
  • 4 Garlic Seed
O Nion... Not That!
Healthy Menu
  • 2000 Glim.png
Too Many Items on the Menu
  • 4500 Glim.png
Ants on a Log
Good Cholesterol! Bad Cholesterol!
  • 7500 Glim.png
Greasy Spoon
  • 10000 Glim.png
Royalty Diner
  • 15000 Glim.png
Elena's Lesson
  • 15000 Glim.png
No Elena's departure
Elena's Demand
  • 25000 Glim.png
No Elena's departure
Elena's Stipulation
  • 7 Citrine
  • 7 Hematite
  • 7 Opal
  • 7 Amethyst
  • 7 Diamond
  • 50000 Glim.png
No Elena's departure
Visions of Oil No Elena's departure
Saturday Night Shopping List No After obtaining Light Burst
Honey, I Shrunk the Fishes
  • 1 Albacore Tuna
  • 1 Bluefin Tuna
  • 1 Yellowfin Tuna
Diamonds Are Everybody's Best Friend Yes
Sparkle for Days Yes
Thyst But A Flesh Wound Yes
Sugar Rush (of Doom) Yes
Potatiolly Correct! Yes
Peaches & Cream Yes
Opaleantologuous Yes
Sugar Shack's Delight Yes
Elemental Transmutation Yes
Zip & Away Yes
Low Cal, High Glims! No
Let's Turn Up the Char
  • 800 Glim.png
The Source of Glims is Tomatoes No
Spitting Sunflower Seeds
Cup o' Tea, Guvnor?
  • 750 Glim.png
Very Woolly, Very Angry! Yes Building Archive Room B-2522


"I'm immensely chipper to see a dynamic young lady being so hard at work! Not that Charon wasn't a true professional, but his manners were... Well, a bit... Cold, if you know what I mean. And he kept everything he found! What a pity. But you're here now! Huzzah, if I daresay! Oh, and, don't fret, budding mariner! If ever needed, old Francis will never be too far! But don't let me be an impediment to your appetite for adventure! Go on, set sail, little bluejacket!"

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