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Smelt your Ores into Ingots, or smelt your problems away!

The Foundry is a building for Stella's boat used to smelt metal ores into ingots and empty bottles into glass.


Stella is first instructed to build the Foundry by Astrid during the Request "Bars of Gold", though it can be built and operated before then.

As a Production Building, constructing additional Foundries will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same.



Oak Plank

First (Base Cost) 10 10
Second 20 20
Third 30 30
Fourth & up 40 40


The Foundry requires Coal to be placed in the furnace in the center of the building before smelting can start. Stella can interact with the Foundry's smelter to start a minigame to produce metal and glass items. Up to five of each item can be added at once, all of which will be smelted at the same time.

After the chosen item and amount is selected and confirmed, Stella operates the bellows in an alternating fashion to keep the furnace up to temperature as the thermometer in the center rises. Items are finished smelting once the thermometer is full. Each input will produce exactly one output unless the Foundry has been improved.

Items will not smelt if the temperature indicator is not within the provided temperature range. If the indicator is below this below this range, progress will slow and eventually reverse. If the indicator is above this range for too long, the furnace will overheat and Stella will be forced to start over, no matter how much progress has been made. Leaving the Foundry before smelting all added items will restart the smelting process and leave the remaining items in the Foundry.

When in a good mood, Astrid will occasionally use the Foundry and later gift the finished items.

Input Output
Aluminium Ore Aluminium Ingot
Copper Ore Copper Ingot
Empty Bottle Glass
Gold Ore Gold Ingot
Iron Ore Iron Ingot
Mackerel Failed Experiment 1
Pulsar Ore Pulsar Ingot
Old Shoe Household Glue 1
Silver Ore Silver Ingot
Zinc Ore Zinc Ingot

1 Can only be crafted after Stanley's quest to experiment with all of the crafting buildings.


"See your profits double with all those ingots."


From completing the Shenanigans "Lost Bounty".


Doubles production for each ingredient used.