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Fireglow is an item found in Spiritfarer.


Fireglow grows from Fireglow Seeds, which can be obtained in the Fireflies event after Gustav joins Stella's crew.


Fireglow is used as a cooking ingredient in a few Cooking Recipes in a Kitchen. It counts as a veggie.

Fireglow is required for Beverly's Request Cooking With Fire to make Laksa

Ingredient Info
Type: Veggie Size: N/A


No. Dish Ingredients Category Dish size Sell Price
10 Flamin' Firebirdz Fireglow Stimulant Snack Glim.png 100
33 Cough Drops Fireglow, Honey Healtly, Stimulant Snack Glim.png 200
40 Aloo Gobi Fireglow, Potato Salad Regular Glim.png 215
44 Chai Latte Fireglow, Milk Exotic, Stimulant Snack Glim.png 250
54 Laksa Fireglow, Rice Flour Exotic, Soup Regular Glim.png 275
77 Chilaquiles Fireglow, Corn Flour Exotic, Breakfast Large Glim.png 390
75 Dakgangjeong Fireglow, Chicken Exotic, Comfort Large Glim.png 390