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The Field is a building for Stella's boat used to grow grains and other products from field seeds. It is similar in function to the Garden, though instead of growing almost exclusively food, the Field is most used for growing inedible items that need further processing.


Stella is first instructed to build the Field by Gwen during the Request "Seeds for the Future".

As a Production Building, constructing additional Fields will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same.


Maple Log


First (Base Cost) 15 3
Second 30 6
Third 45 9
Fourth & up 60 12


While standing over each of the three plots, Stella can interact with the field to plant new seeds, water growing plants, and harvest fully-grown crops. Only one seed can be planted per plot at at time. Once a seed is planted, it cannot be removed until it is ready for harvest.

All plants have three stages of growth-- planted, sprouting, and growing-- and will occasionally need to be watered, as indicated by the water drop notification that will appear when the soil gets too dry. Crops can be watered at any time, but will not progress to the next stage of growth when this notification is present. Soil will continue to dry up even after crops are fully grown, though Stella will need to harvest them and plant a new seed before it can be watered again.

When in a good mood, Summer will often spend her mornings here playing Plantasia Fantastica, which will speed a single crop's growth. During her voyage, she will teach this song to Stella.

Seed Price Produces
Linen Seed Glim.png 70 3 Linen Fibre
Corn Seed Glim.png 60 5 Corn
Coffee Beans Seed Glim.png 75 2 Coffee Beans
Rice Seed Glim.png 70 3 Rice
Tea Seed Glim.png 150 2 Tea Leaves
Sugar Cane Seed Glim.png 200 2 Sugar Cane
Sunflower Seed Glim.png 140 4 Sunflower Seed
Garlic Seed Glim.png 180 1 Garlic
Tomato Seed Glim.png 200 3 Tomato
Cotton Seed Glim.png 75 4 Cotton Fibre
Wheat Seed Glim.png 100 3 Wheat


Name Field Upgrade Water Retaining Soil Beehive
Description See your cereal grow faster. "Made with the same technology as modern diapers!" The house that honey built. Warning: its bulk prevents planting crops in the plot underneath it!
Location Found near the right side within Hoseki Quarry, past three Air Drafts. Requires Double Jump and Glide. Obtain first treasure during completing quest Looter's Literary Review. Jackie's quest "Feelin' the Buzz".
Function Crops will grow faster Removes the need for constant watering Bees produce honey