Spiritfarer Wiki

"It will be the light that shines in the darkness, the last remaining hope of the departed." -- Charon

The Everlight is the magical symbol of status for a Spiritfarer and the only tool they ever need. It has the ability to transform into any number of items and tools, and is used to power Stella's boat.

Before leaving his position as Spiritfarer, Charon passes the Everlight onto Stella, who is to take his place. Her cat, Daffodil, leaps into Charon's robe to take a smaller one for himself to use. Charon kept the Everlight in the middle of the top of his staff, Stella keeps it on her belt, and Daffodil keeps his on his collar.


As a magical multi-tool, the Everlight takes on many forms:

  • Oars - The Everlight is first seen used as several oars by the old Spiritfarer, Charon. After receiving it from him, it assumes the form of a single oar, which Stella uses to travel in her rowboat to and from her boat and islands.
  • Fishing Rod - At the stern of Stella's boat is a chair that Stella can sit in to go fishing. The Everlight transforms into a fishing rod for her to use, but this form can break if too much strain is put on it as the fish are being reeled in. It turns red as an indicator to pause reeling so the fish isn't lost.
  • Saw - To cut down trees, both Stella's and Daffodil's Everlight transform into one half of a two-man crosscut saw. They join to form a full saw and separate again once the tree has been felled.
  • Pickaxe - To mine rocks and ores, the Everlight transforms into a large glowing pickaxe. It glows brighter as Stella winds up to hit, but waiting too long to strike will cause her to drop the Everlight and the form to break.
  • Zipline Harness - The Everlight transforms into a zipline harness for Stella to ride along wires and cables when she uses her Zipline ability.
  • Oven Mitts - The Everlight transforms into a pair of quilted oven mitts for Stella to wear as she takes items out of the oven in the Kitchen.
  • Watering Can - The Everlight transforms into a watering can what Stella uses to water crops in the Garden, Field, and Orchard.
  • Scythe - When most Field crops are fully-grown, the Everlight transforms into a scythe to harvest them.
  • Weaving Tool - When using the Loom, the Everlight transforms into a pointed weaving tool that Stella uses to measure and weave fibres into threads, and threads into fabrics.
  • Guitar - The Everlight transforms into a guitar when Summer teaches Stella how to play Plantasia Fantastica to her crops, as well as each time she plays it after. It also transforms into a guitar during the Shenanigan side quest (Pauls vs. Simons), when Stella is asked to play The Autumn End.
  • Shears - To harvest Wool Fibre from sheep, the Everlight transforms into a pair of shears.
  • Bucket and Stool - When milking a cow in a Cow Stall, the Everlight transforms into a stool for Stella to sit on and a bucket to collect Milk in.
  • Toy - While standing idle for an extended period of time, Stella will sometimes toss and bouncing the Everlight between her arms and legs like a hackey sack, or swing it around on a string like a yo-yo. Daffodil will also sometimes play with the Everlight like a ball. This idle animation is used for the loading screen.
  • Flotation Device - In order to avoid getting wet, Daffodil will balance on top of the Everlight and use it as a flotation device before following Stella into the water.