Spiritfarer Wiki

Each Spirit Character in Spiritfarer introduces an Event that provides an unique material that can be used in various recipes. These events are either triggered by visiting locations with Stella's Boat or triggered manually by interacting with something in the Spirit's house.

All events can still occur after its Spirit helper leaves through the Everdoor. Instead of talking to the spirit helper to start the event, Stella will have to interact with the door of that spirit's house.

Location Based Events[]

Dragon Event Indicator

Location based events are triggered when Stella's Boat gets close enough to one on the map.

When Stella's Boat gets in range of the event, her boat will stop moving and an event indicator will appear. This indicator will point to the event's spirit helper or the house of that spirit helper.

Stella must interact event indicator to answer the question "Start the event?" in order to start or pass up the event.

The Turtle sisters are a bit different and do not have indicators. They will still stop Stella's Boat and must be talked to at the bow of the ship.

List of Events[]

Manually Triggered Events[]

Manually triggered events must be manually triggered by interacting with an object in the spirit's house. Like the location based events, Stella will be prompted with the question "Start the event?"

They will become available again after some time has passed, but there will be no indication that the event is "recharged".