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Elena is a Spirit Character in Spiritfarer.

She can be found in Crow's End Inc. after unlocking the Bounce ability, although she will instruct the player to first unlock the Dash ability before presenting her requests.


Elena is a studious, teacher-like spirit. She is harsh on Stella, putting her through several challenges without any praise, and criticizing her when she fails.

Upon completing these challenges, Stella is rewarded with 2 treasure maps which lead to important treasures of hers. Elena then instructs her to choose one of these to give up on.

In her lifestyle, Elena emphasizes on simplicity, ridding herself of unnecessary belongings and sentiments, as evidenced by her preference in food, lodging and her aversion towards hugs. She also expects the same behavior from those under her tutelage.

Ultimately, Elena's purpose is to help Stella accept the unfair reality of life, that not all achievements come with immediate reward, and that living necessarily comes with loss; and that it is through overcoming challenges that one becomes strong, to let go and move on.


In life, Elena was a teacher. She worked in a school that made sure everyone would pass. It was the kind of school that's main lesson was that "money can buy everything". She was never impressed by any student that had come through her classroom, no one was focused enough for her. They were distracted, talkative, doing anything but paying attention to what Elena would attempt to teach. In her mind, there is one memorable day from her life. A student had come back from a rowdy gym class; it was Elena's first year on the job and the student was fuming. She was told to "shape the mind" of the youths who came through the halls. Though she tried to control them, they were too rowdy and wouldn't sit still. That day she snapped and screamed at the student. It was the first time that they listened. Elena had told them truths that would only reveal themselves later in life, truths that only came after losing someone or something dear to you. She focused on talent and excellence, to never let herself lose her resolve again. Elena hadn't ever felt useful to the gifted students, nor did she like breaking the spirit of the weaker students. She disliked seeing them just struggle as she tried to teach them, because they didn't know why she challenged them. She says she challenged them due to the fact that they never listened, which to Elena, is the easiest thing. But it was her favourite thing, she knew that eventually these students would learn. They would learn through the hardships and know how to survive, how to be better and how to become leaders.

Elena was one of Stella's final patients. While the cause of her death is unknown, the diagnosis that lead to her palliative care was extremely fatal and progressed rapidly.[1]




  • Favourite dish: "Very good. There's nothing like a GREEN SALAD. That's all you need."
  • Likes: "This is good. That is HEALTHY."
  • Neutral: "Thank you for the meal."
  • Dislikes:
    • "No, thank you. I'm not accustomed to this FINE DINING. I need something simple."
    • "FRIED dishes make you sluggish. It makes you lose your focus."
    • "Please. No meat!! Ever."
  • Same item: "Isn't this the same as last time. You must have something else?"
  • Inedible: "This is not considered food, per se."
  • Not hungry: "I'm currently not that hungry."
  • Starving: "I. Need. Food."

Elena's Dharma[]

  • Upon passing Gold Dragon: "You are showing promise. ... What are you waiting for? Go on now, Student."
  • Upon failing Gold Dragon: "You have disappointed me. You are being timed. You must vanquish this creature in record time! You cannot do a simple task. You need to try again. Faster this time."
  • Upon passing Deadly Pulsar Rays: "I can see you are sweating a bit. Good. These challenges are supposed to be difficult! You have earned a carrot. Not a literal carrot, but a reward. Here it is. It is in the form of a challenge, however. I have nothing more to say to you. Feedback over."
  • Upon failing Deadly Pulsar Rays: "How pitiful. You didn't catch nearly enough. You need to double down your efforts. You cannot accomplish an easy request. You have failed this task. Take a moment and try again later."
  • Upon passing Severe Thunderstorm: "Not bad. I wouldn't put it on a leaderboard or you on a podium. But, you've got some talent. This should be a good reward for you. I don't have anything else. Scram."
  • Upon failing Severe Thunderstorm: "What a piss poor lack of talent. This makes me sick. You have to catch thoses lightning bolts. You need to catch more. Be better next time."

Game Notes[]

  • Elena hates being hugged and will gain a strong negative mood modifier
  • Her house should never be modified or improved as it will put a negative effect on her
  • She is surprisingly easy to feed as you can feed her fruits as is since they are categorized under healthy food
  • Elena should be your last passenger to be brought to the boat after Jackie and Daria were introduced

At the Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Stella. We are here. ... I know I've been working you hard lately. I hope you do understand. Everyone needs a little bit of discipline in their lives. For someone who takes others to the afterlife, you're holding on surprisingly well. I do have one last request for you. It won't be an easy one, considering what we've been talking about. Will you make the journey with me?" (player selects yes) "Thank you." ... "One last thing. So, you were my first student in this... place. I don't think you deserve a passing grade. I won't hold it against myself. And neither should you. A lesson you should learn from this: If life is hard, you should not be hard to it. People have the ability to change. You have the ability to change. You can shape how you want to be. ... I know that this is sometimes a tradition. The passing of a legacy. A token at the end. An heirloom. Something for you to remember my time here. I do not wish to give you one. However, I have prepared something greater. Tasks and requests from the great beyond. That you will receive. A useless object will not make you think of me, but lessons will."
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "Hopefully, this will all be over soon." ... "Let me think of something." ... "Ok. ... I'll just say it. I just want to say. Truly. From teacher to student, I am proud. You did good work."
  • Just before the Everdoor: "I've been thinking. When we get there. Maybe, just maybe. We can hug. We'll see how I feel."
  • At the Everdoor: "This is the only time I will let you. Come on."
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