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Eggs belong to the Ingredients category of Items and are used in Cooking.


Eggs can be bought from Raccoon Inc. in Oxbury, or retrieved from Chicken Coops after hatching one or more chickens in the egg incubator.


No. Dish Ingredients Category Dish size Sell Price
45 Eggs Sunny Side Up Egg Breakfast Small 270
54 Egg Salad Egg, Veggie Salad Regular 310
64 Pancakes Egg, Flour Breakfast Regular 360
73 Omelette Cheese, Egg Breakfast, Plain Large 450
75 Scrambled Eggs Egg, Dairy Breakfast Small 450
76 Crême brûlée Egg, Sweetener Dessert Regular 455
77 Frittata Egg, Fat Exotic,


Regular 465
81 Bacon and Eggs Egg, Pork Breakfast Large 515