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Diamond belongs to the Gems category of items found in Spiritfarer.

How to Acquire[]

All gemstones can be acquired through errands from Francis, if the corresponding errands have been unlocked.

Mining Coal will yield 1 Diamond after acquiring the Improved Tools Ability.

Diamonds can be rewarded for completed collections at Susan's Museum.

A Diamond can be found in chest at the end of a secret pathway in Hoseki Quarry.

Errands from Francis[]

Errand Requirements Reward
Diamonds Are Everybody's Best Friend
  •  5000 Glim
  • 1 Diamond


Construction/Improvement at Blueprint Station[]


Buck's Lair of Wonders Various Figurines

Boat Upgrades at Albert's Shipyard[]

Upgrade Cost
Sun Ballad

Errands from Francis[]

Erannd Requirements Reward
Elena's Stipulation 50000 Glim


In The Diffracted Cabinet, Summer needs 3 of any of the 5 types of Gemstones.