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Where the cows go to bed.

The Cow Stall a building for Stella's boat used to house a cow to produce milk. Unlike the Sheep Corral, you do not need to capture a cow prior to building, as one will appear upon construction.

Despite housing a cow, the Cow Stall does not produce beef for cooking.


Stella is first instructed to build the Cow Stall by (passenger) during the Request (quest name here), though it can be built and milk harvested before then.

As a Production Building, constructing additional stalls will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same.

”Proof of Purchase: Cow” slips can be found at the Raccoon Inc. Shop (during the day) in Edgeborough Lane (192 -105), as well as in a Rare Chest.


Maple Plank

Copper Ingot

Cotton Fabric

Proof of Purchase: Cow

First (Base Cost) 9 3 6 1
Second 18 6 12 2
Third 27 9 18 3
Fourth & up 36 12 24 4


While standing in front of the cow, Stella can interact with it to feed it or milk it. Milking a cow produces three Milk. Once the cow has been milked, it will lay down to sleep and it cannot be milked again until it stands up. It is unknown if keeping the cow fed will shorten its time asleep.


"Your cows will be less hungry all the time!"


Upgrade blueprint can be found by completing the "The Sweet Smell of Success" Shenanigans side quest at Nordsee Pier.


Cow will stay fed for longer.