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Cooking is a core part of the gameplay of Spiritfarer where Stella can create dishes at a Kitchen on her boat.

Also see List of Recipes.

How to Cook[]

After Stella has caught her first fish, the hungry passenger Atul asks her to prepare a fish in the kitchen.

  • Move the Fish from the inventory with "E" into the oven.
  • Press "R" to start cooking.

Stella can learn how to prepare simple but also more elaborate dishes for her passengers. Players should watch the kitchen timer and remove the food when the time is over. Food which was too long in the oven will end as Burnt Food.

Stella can choose what to cook from multiple recipes or just put ingredients into the oven to obtain new recipes.

At first, there can only be one ingredient in a dish, but after the Kitchen upgrade, using two ingredients will be possible.

Dish Types[]

There are 15 dish types which are: Stimulant, Healthy, Old Fashioned, Comfort, Breakfast, Plain, Fine Dining, Acquired Taste, Dessert, Soup, Pub, Salad, Exotic, Incredible and Disgusting.

Different Spirits love or hate different dish types, so knowing which is which is important to maintaining a positive attitude for the spirits. Some Items count as some dish types, even though they are not listed like that, such as Wonton Soup being a soup (which is not listed). Additionally, there are un-listed categories that Spirits care about, such as Stanley refusing to eat things made from vegetables and Summer only eating vegan food.

Dish # Cooking Book # Museum Size Type Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Grilled Fish.png
Grilled Fish
1 1 Small Plain Fish / Cephalopod
Steamed Shellfish.png
Steamed Shellfish
2 2 Small Acquired Taste Shellfish
3 3 Snack Comfort Corn
Poached Fruit.png
Poached Fruit
4 4 Small Dessert Fruit
5 5 Regular Exotic Shellfish Grain
Heat-Treated Crab.png
Heat-Treated Crab
6 6 Regular Fine Dining Snow Crab
Lobster Germinal.png
Lobster Germinal
7 7 Regular Fine Dining Lobster
Grilled Veggie.png
Grilled Veggie
8 8 Small Healthy Savoury Veggie / Root Veggie
Plain Rice.png
Plain Rice
9 9 Small Plain Rice
Flamin' Firebirdz.png
Flamin' Firebirdz
10 10 Snack Stimulant Fireglow
Shellfish Stew.png
Shellfish Stew
11 11 Regular Old Fashioned Shellfish Veggie / Mushroom
Grain Salad.png
Grain Salad
12 12 Regular Salad Grain Veggie / Mushroom
Southern Boil.png
Southern Boil
13 13 Regular Exotic Crustacean Grain
Fish Curry.png
Fish Curry
14 14 Regular Exotic Fish Grain
15 15 Small Plain Wheat Flour / Corn Flour
Noodle Soup.png
Noodle Soup
16 16 Small Soup Rice Flour
Clam Cake.png
Clam Cake
17 17 Regular Exotic Clam Flour
Black Coffee.png
Black Coffee
18 18 Snack Stimulant Coffee Beans
Apple Pie.png
Apple Pie
19 19 Regular Dessert Apple Flour
20 20 Regular Fine Dining
Crustacean Veggie / Mushroom
21 21 Regular Fine Dining
Fish Veggie / Mushroom
Grilled Mushrooms.png
Grilled Mushrooms
22 22 Small Healthy Mushroom
Berry Pie.png
Berry Pie
23 23 Small Dessert Flour Berry
Pear Tartlet.png
Pear Tartlet
24 24 Small Dessert Pear Flour
Fisherman's Pie.png
Fisherman's Pie
25 25 Regular Old Fashioned Seafood Flour
Peach Cobbler.png
Peach Cobbler
26 26 Regular Dessert Peach Flour
Cherry Pie.png
Cherry Pie
27 27 Regular Dessert Cherry Flour
Crab Cake.png
Crab Cake
28 28 Regular Comfort Snow Crab Flour
Shrimp Tempura.png
Shrimp Tempura
29 29 Small Exotic Shrimp Flour
Lobster Roll.png
Lobster Roll
30 30 Regular Fine Dining Lobster Flour
Grilled Chicken.png
Grilled Chicken
31 31 Regular Healthy Chicken
Veggie-Pot Pie.png
Veggie-Pot Pie
32 32 Regular Old Fashioned Flour Veggie / Mushroom
Calamari Rings.png
Calamari Rings
33 33 Regular Pub Squid Flour
34 34 Snack Breakfast


Corn Flour Milk
Tuna Tataki.png
Tuna Tataki
35 35 Regular Exotic Tuna Savoury Veggie
Hot Milk.png
Hot Milk
36 36 Snack Breakfast Dairy
Mushroom Salad.png
Mushroom Salad
37 37 Regular Salad Mushroom Veggie
Aloo Gobi.png
Aloo Gobi
38 38 Regular Salad Fireglow Potato
Mock Gruel.png
Mock Gruel
39 39 Snack Acquired Taste Sawdust Dairy
Clam Chowder.png
Clam Chowder
40 40 Regular Soup Hard-Shell Clam / Clam Dairy
Chai Latte.png
Chai Latte
41 41 Snack Exotic
Fireglow Milk
Fried Surf.png
Fried Surf
42 42 Regular Pub Shellfish Fat
Squid Skewer.png
Squid Skewer
43 43 Regular Fine Dining Squid
Shrimp Cocktail.png
Shrimp Cocktail
44 44 Regular Fine Dining Shrimp
Grilled Octopus.png
Grilled Octopus
45 45 Small Fine Dining Octopus
Cereal Bowl.png
Cereal Bowl
46 46 Regular Breakfast Grain Dairy / Sweetener
47 47 Regular Breakfast Berry Yoghurt
Rice Pudding.png
Rice Pudding
48 48 Regular Dessert Rice Dairy
Fruit Candy.png
Fruit Candy
49 49 Snack Dessert Fruit Sweetener
Eggs Sunny Side Up.png
Eggs Sunny Side Up
50 50 Small Breakfast Egg
Maple Salmon.png
Maple Salmon
51 51 Regular Old Fashioned Blue Salmon / King Salmon / Sockeye Salmon Maple Syrup
Corn Bread.png
Corn Bread
52 52 Regular Comfort Corn Flour Fat
53 53 Regular Exotic


Fireglow Rice Flour
Fish Sticks.png
Fish Sticks
54 54 Regular Pub Fish Fat
Vegetable Stir Fry.png
Vegetable Stir Fry
55 55 Regular Exotic
Fat Veggie / Mushroom
Green Salad.png
Green Salad
56 56 Small Salad Leaf Veggie Fat
Fried Rice.png
Fried Rice
57 57 Large Plain Rice Fat
58 58 Snack Stimulant Coffee Dairy
Egg Salad.png
Egg Salad
59 59 Regular Salad Egg Veggie / Mushroom
Sweet Coffee.png
Sweet Coffee
60 60 Snack Stimulant Coffee Sweetener
61 61 Regular Comfort Grain Meat
Pork Chops.png
Pork Chops
62 62 Regular Comfort Pork
63 63 Regular Pub Corn Flour Pork
64 64 Regular Comfort Flour Fat
Fried Crawfish.png
Fried Crawfish
65 65 Regular Old Fashioned Crustacean Fat
66 66 Regular Dessert Flour Sweetener
French Fries.png
French Fries
67 67 Regular Pub Potato Fat
Meat Stew.png
Meat Stew
68 68 Large Old Fashioned Meat Veggie / Mushroom
N/A 69 Large Acquired Taste Herring
69 70 Regular Breakfast Egg Flour
Surf and Turf.png
Surf and Turf
70 71 Large Pub Crustacean Beef
Fried Mushrooms.png
Fried Mushrooms
71 72 Regular Exotic Mushroom Fat
72 73 Large Exotic
Fireglow Corn Flour
Fried Chicken.png
Fried Chicken
73 74 Large Comfort Chicken Fat
74 75 Large Exotic
Fireglow Chicken
Meat Pie.png
Meat Pie
75 76 Large Old Fashioned Meat Flour
Cup of Tea.png
Cup of Tea
76 77 Snack Stimulant Tea
77 78 Regular Dessert Wheat Flour Milk
Wonton Soup.png
Wonton Soup
78 79 Regular Exotic Rice Flour Meat
Sweet Yoghurt.png
Sweet Yoghurt
79 80 Snack Dessert
Yoghurt Sweetener
80 81 Snack Dessert Sweetener
Scrambled Eggs.png
Scrambled Eggs
81 82 Small Breakfast Egg Dairy
82 83 Large Breakfast
Cheese Egg
Crême Brûlée.png
Crème Brûlée
83 84 Regular Dessert Egg Sweetener
84 85 Regular Exotic
Egg Fat
Tomato Pizza.png
Tomato Pizza
85 86 Regular Comfort Wheat Flour Tomato
86 87 Regular Old Fashioned Fat Pork
Cheese Fondue.png
Cheese Fondue
87 88 Regular Comfort Cheese
Bacon and Eggs.png
Bacon and Eggs
88 89 Large Breakfast Egg Pork
English Tea.png
English Tea
89 90 Snack Stimulant Tea Dairy
Cheese Sticks.png
Cheese Sticks
90 91 Large Pub Cheese Flour
Sweet Tea.png
Sweet Tea
91 92 Snack Stimulant Tea Sweetener
Grilled Steak.png
Grilled Steak
92 93 Large Comfort Beef
Garlic Bread.png
Garlic Bread
93 94 Small Pub Wheat Flour Garlic
94 95 Snack Dessert Dairy Sweetener
Sauerkraut Meal.png
Sauerkraut Meal
95 96 Large Acquired Taste Sauerkraut Pork
Beef Fondue.png
Beef Fondue
96 97 Regular Old Fashioned Beef Fat
Onion Rings.png
Onion Rings
97 98 Regular Pub Onion Flour
Homemade Paper.png
Homemade Paper
98 N/A Sawdust Household Glue
Questionable Meal.png
Questionable Meal
99 N/A Snack Disgusting
100 N/A Wood / Sawdust