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Here, the chickens work together and share the results.

The Chicken Coop is a building for Stella's boat used to raise chickens to produce eggs. Unlike Sheep Corrals, you do not need to capture chickens prior to building, as they must be hatched by placing an egg into the incubator located inside.

Despite housing chickens, the Chicken Coop does not produce chicken for cooking.


Stella is not instructed to build a Chicken Coop by any Passenger, so it can be built at any time.

As a Production Building, constructing additional corrals will increase the cost by the base cost up to the fourth copy, after which all buildings will cost the same.


Ash Plank

Wool Fabric

Copper Ingot

First (Base Cost) 10 20 8
Second 20 40 16
Third 30 60 24
Fourth & up 40 80 32


Unlike Sheep Corrals, chickens cannot be found on islands and must be hatched inside the Chicken Coop after it's been built. Stella can place one egg into the incubator to hatch a chick that will mature into a chicken. Chicks and chickens are fed through the feeder located outside the coop. Stella can input up to 10 seeds of any kind at a time to fill the feeder, which will slowly deplete as the feed is eaten. It is unknown if existing chickens will return after their initial coop has been salvaged.

When a chicken has laid an egg, Stella will receive a notification with the icon of a bottle and egg, accompanied by a cluck. Once grown, chickens will continuously lay eggs, provided they are kept fed. Stella can collect eggs as they are laid by interacting with the egg window inside.


"Help your chickens help themselves with more food."


Loneberg Blueprint Chest


Chickens in an improved Chicken Coop will be kept fed for longer.