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Chicken belongs to the Ingredients category of Items from Spiritfarer. It can only be purchased from Raccoon Inc., and does not come from owning a Chicken Coop. It is used in many Cooking Recipes in a Kitchen.

How to Acquire[]

Raccoon Inc. sells Chicken at the following locations for 100 Glim.


Chicken is used as a cooking ingredient in many Cooking Recipes in a Kitchen. Counts as a Meat.

Chicken is required for Atul's Request Fishing Trip to make Fried Chicken.


No. Dish Ingredients Category Dish size Sell Price
31 Grilled Chicken Chicken Healthy Regular Glim.png 180
61 Casserole Grain, Meat Comfort Regular Glim.png 320
68 Meat Stew Meat, Veggie Old fashioned Large Glim.png 340
74 Fried Chicken Chicken, Fat Comfort Large Glim.png 390
75 Dakgangjeong Fireglow, Chicken Exotic, Comfort Large Glim.png 390
76 Meat Pie Meat, Flour Old fashioned Large Glim.png 400
79 Wonton Soup Rice Flour, Meat Exotic Regular Glim.png 420