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Buck's Lair of Wonders is a building on Stella's boat. It is home to the spirit Buck. It is a unique building.



The exterior for Buck's Lair of Wonders is mostly shows a pale whitish red wall and vertical wooden planks towards the right of the building, with a green roof to finish. Two round scones sit by each side of the green door, which is rimmed with gold and a gold doorknob. There are three small connecting windows on the door itself that gives a small view into Buck's room, and three horizontal windows on Buck's Lair of Wonders itself, that shows a view of his bed and his shelves.


The inside is made from three different coloured walls; the left walls are decorated in wood planks, the middle right is a dark green wall, and the right wall is light green. To the left is Buck's bed, which is a mattress on a wooden pallet, topped with two red pillows and a mountain of clothes which he sleeps on. In the middle is a shelf that has various miscellaneous items, ranging from books, a chestplate and a helmet, and a few boxes of pizza. To the right of the room is a small table, with a Dungeon Master's screen, along with tiny figures and books that likely focus on Dungeons and Dragons.

When fully upgraded, weapons now hang over Buck's bed, being a sword, an axe, a shield, and a bow, from left to right. The right side of the room now has posters on the wall, and a shelf has been added with figurines on them, one of which being a dragon with its wings flared outwards on a rock, a white horse, and several human-like figurines holding weapons.


Initial Cost[]


Various Figurines Posters Powerful Weapons


  • Buck's figurines contain several references to pop culture, such as Guts (referenced in the artbook as Intestines, the brooding anti-hero), Griffith and Casca from the manga Berserk and the Hobbits Frodo and Sam (referenced in the artbook as the Halfsies Frego and Pam) from The Lord of the Rings.