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Buck is a spirit character of Spiritfarer.

He can be found atop Hikarishima Lighthouse after unlocking the bounce ability, and is the only spirit character that cannot be released at the Everdoor.

Buck will be the last spirit on your ship and will keep you company until the end of the game. He will entertain any completionists by offering mini errand quests after the final spirits depart. He will not have a quest that ends with taking him through the Everdoor.


In a strange way, Buck has already passed on when Stella meets him. In Stella’s life, Buck was her sister Lilly’s friend who died in his teenage years. Stella remembers Lilly’s recounting of many of Buck’s stories, after his death. Although Stella never actually met him in life, his story fascinated her, as well as the geeky personality Lilly described when she talked about him. Buck’s habits of escaping his reality through tabletop RPG’s led Stella to believe, in a very peculiar way, that his attunement with the end of his life defined him. This made her fall in love with Role Playing Games, idolizing Buck in the process.[1]



  • Has a fully improved house. (+4)
  • Has eaten his favourite meal. (+2)
  • Was recently hugged. (+2)

Notes on Perks[]

  • "Harvests mushrooms" works by visiting an island with mushrooms, and then talking to Buck after visiting it.
  • "Gives you snacks" occurs when talking to Buck on occasion, where he will provide snack dishes to you.


  • Demons of Light: A shrine in the middle of the ocean. An ancient evil. What are the odds?
    1. Head over to - 185, -92
    2. Acquire the powers of light.
    3. Talk to Buck.



  • Favorite dish: "This can't be... By the Moons of Dor-Umin! This is... THE RED DISK OF UNFATHOMABLE BLISS! Commander... I have no words... May your endeavours be forever blessed by the gentle touch of the Radiant Fae! May your fortitude be as eternally strong as Roghar the Brave! This is delicious! ... Man, I love Tomato Pizza]] so much..."
  • Likes:
    • "By the Seven Graces of Immalda! You coming forth and offering me the gift of Comfort food is a sign of Hallor, the prince of Fate! My appetite can't resist such delicacies! A very wise choice, Commander; I'm not surprised by your cleverness! I guess Hallo won't mind if I gain a few pounds after all..."
    • "Oh! Blessed be the Stars! I salute your insight, Commander! You astutely guessed that my heart would be brimming with joy at the sight of a good Old Fashioned meal! An ancestral delight of epic resonance! Many thanks! May the lords of Wa-Eron accompany you in your path! ... Whoops sorry, I spit on you a bit."
  • Neutral: "Humble thanks, Commander! This sustenance is right on time! My hunger was reaching level 1!"
  • Dislikes:
    • "My deepest apologies, Commander. I cannot accept your generous offer. As I've crossed paths with him, Lactergroth the Nobgoblin cursed me out of jealousy. A dreadful level-three lactose intolerance. Yes, it's a conjuration ritual. I won't talk about what happens if I ingest the smallest dose of dairy..."
    • "Oh!... Wait... this sustenance contains fruit doesn't it? I'm sorry, Commander, I unfortunately cannot accept your generous donation. Fruit are sacred according to the holy scriptures of Dor-Umin, of which I am a pious follower. It is utterly forbidden to even think about someone thinking about eating one. I cannot ingest them, by faith. Yes, by faith..."
  • Same item: "Commander, may I interject? Your humble servant is not exactly picky. But once in a while... how to say this I just don't feel like eating the same thing over and over again. Sorry, Stella. Something else maybe?"
  • Inedible: "This is not edible."
  • Not hungry: "Thank you, Commander, but I am at full HP. This won't be necessary"
  • Hungry:
    • "My sincerest apologies for pestering you with such mundane requirements, Commander... but your humble servant feels the need for sustenance. I would gladly accept the smallest of scraps from your magnificent cooking skills!"
    • "Commander! I'm sorry to require but a fragment of your precious time. But I'd gladly accept a modest meal! A vile hunger tortures my innards!"
  • Starving:
    • "My sincerest apologies for pestering you with such mundane requirements, Commander... but your humble servant feels the need for sustenance. I would gladly accept the smallest of scraps from your magnificent cooking skills! Anything, really..."
    • "Commander! The time has come for you to cast a level 3 'abundant meals' spell! I am, unfortunately, starving... Like, REALLY hungry..."



  • Hugging: "I was in dire need of a spirit heal; my mana was low..."
  • Second hug:
    • "Sorry, Commander, my short rest has already been taken."
    • "Sorry, Commander! I'm in no need of such reinvigorating embrace. My mana is full."


Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Stella! Look... I... I have something to tell you. Now that there are only the two of us in here. You might've guessed already, but... Yeah, I can't really go through the EVERDOOR. It's really hard to explain. My guess would be that... I've already been through it? In a weird, strange way? See what I mean? Sorry to break it to you, but... I don't think there is more to it. You. Me. Us. This world. Listen, I really don't want to push you towards it! Frack, no! But, you know, I think you... Should try accepting your fate? I'm really not one to give you advice, far from it... Funny thing, I don't even know if I accepted it myself. My presence here might give us a clue. ... That being said, if you say, I'll try to entertain you to the best of my abilities! But there is not much I can do, you know. As if... as if I were somehow limited. As if an invisible barrier existed in me, too. I kinda feel it, you know. Sorry, Commander. I'm really sorry."


  • Buck is inspired by a friend of the game's creative director Nicolas Guérin, who sadly passed away at the young age of 18.[1]
  • Buck's figurines in Buck's Lair of Wonders contain several references to pop culture, such as Guts (referenced as Intestines, the brooding anti-hero[1]), Griffith and Casca from the manga Berserk and the Hobbits Frodo and Sam (referenced as the Halfsies Frego and Pam[1]) from The Lord of the Rings.
  • One of his lines of dialogue references The Witcher series ("Its perfume possesses the distinct aromas of lilac and elderberries" - in The Witcher series, one of the main characters is distinguished by her perfume which smells of lilac and gooseberries).
  • Even though Buck is lactose intolerant, a slice of pizza can be seen on his bookshelves and his eating animation features him eating pizza from a pizza box. This is explained by his favourite food - a tomato pizza cooked without cheese.
  • Buck's constellation can be seen in the sky all throughout the game, suggesting that he has already gone through the everdoor, hence he can't go back through and stays with you on the ship. In addition to this many spirit citizens mention him even before you find him on the lighthouse. Also, the fact that Buck is already under his spirit form when Stella finds him clearly hints at this.


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