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Bruce and Mickey are Spirit characters in Spiritfarer.

Bruce (the humming bird) does all the talking throughout the Journey. He speaks in a more tough manner, and will reminisce about their previous lavish life which eventually leads into them requesting a mansion (Bruce and Mickey's Crib) to be built.


Bruce and Mickey aid Stella with the Pulsar Rays Event, where Pulsar Ore can be collected.

After Bruce and Mickey leave through the Everdoor, the Pulsar Rays Event can be started by interacting with the door of Bruce and Mickey's Crib.


Bruce and Mickey are two very odd patients most likely from just outside of Boston that Stella encounters during her senior year as an end-of-life care nurse. Mickey, an imposing and intimidating behemoth of a man, ends up in a coma after his drunk-driving leads to a car accident. His brother Bruce never leaves his side, accompanying him in the most extreme, dangerous, and illegal activities. The two of them are inseparable and, at Mickey’s arrival in Stella’s care, become a staple of the ward for many months.

Bruce always talks “on behalf” of his brother, in denial that Mickey simply is not there anymore. Incapable of coming to terms with the fact that his brother, while technically alive, is beyond salvation, Bruce keeps on making outlandish requests and angry comments, which merely shows his pain.[1]



  • Enjoyed listening to Atul's flute. (+3)
  • Has a nice house. (+2)
  • Has eaten his favorite meal. (+2)


  • Bullying for Beginners: ""
    1. Intimidate the worker.
    2. Talk to the tough denizens.
  • Welcome Aboard: "Looks like someone wants to come aboard."
    1. Welcome your new passenger.
  • The Rhythm of the Night: "A light show at sea? This I got to see!"
    1. Find the pulsar rays.
  • Smash! Smash!: "All this noise and violence can't be good for them! I suppose having a crusher might calm them down."
    1. Build a crusher.
    2. Talk to Bruce and Mickey.
    3. Use crusher.
  • Mini Palace: "They say they want a palace to live in, but this feels a little bit too much."
    1. Build Bruce & Mickey's Crib.
    2. Talk to Bruce & Mickey.
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: "So now it's come out! They want me to make it more grandiose."
    1. Improve their house by adding something big. Requires 2 x Clear Glass Sheet, 2 x Marble, 2 x Brass Sheet,
    2. Improve their house by adding something flashy. Requires 2 x Bronze Sheet, 5 x Iron Ingot, 2 X Crystal Glass Sheet, 490 Glim
    3. Improve their house by adding something loud. Requires 2 x Clear Glass Sheet, 2 x Silver Ingot, 12 x Silk Fabric, 710 Glim
  • A Taste of Home
    1. Give Bruce some Lobster Roll
    2. Give Bruce some Fried Chicken
  • Camping in a Cadillac: "The world isn't big enough for these two. They want to go on vacation with me now."
    1. Visit Greymist Peaks.
    2. Talk to Bruce and Mickey.
  • Mask Off "One big job! One big score! What are these boys planning on my ship?"
    1. Initial goal: Obtain 100 Carrots.
    2. Plant and harvest one carrot.
    3. Talk to Bruce & Mickey.
    4. Revised goal: Obtain 100 Peaches.
    5. Plant and harvest one peach.
    6. Talk to Bruce & Mickey.



  • Favorite dish: "Okay, okay. A little bit of Garlic Bread. Let me get reacquainted with my favorite food. Don't mind if I do."
  • Likes: "Now we're talking! That's some good chow, Scout! Pub food is the best when you get the munchies. Mickey here is psyched.
  • Neutral:
  • Dislikes:
    • "Hey, so let me tell you something. This shit is just too simple! One damn ingredient? Who do you think we are? Dumb peasants? Goddamn low-lives? My brother here has standards! We won't accept this crap."
    • "What? What do you think you're doing, Kid? My brother here is allergic to this Crayfish junk! Never give us that crap again!"
  • Inedible:
  • Not hungry: "I'm good. You keep it."
  • Hungry: "I don't beg for food. Just keep that in mind."
  • Starving:
    • "What are you doing all day? This operation needs a dedicated cook."
    • "What's this I hear about a kitchen on board?"


  •  :


  • Hugging: "Alright, alright. Don't tell anyone."
  • Second hug:
    • "The big guy is good."
    • "Don't you have better things to do?
    • "No."

Quest Reminders[]

  • "Mickey wants decorations for our new place. This will cost you big money."

At the Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Alright, Scout. We need to talk. I've been... You know how I've been. Wanna go somewhere?" (player says yes) "Alright." ... "I almost forgot. Listen. Let's just get on. I can't do this job without my brother. Let's just get on and talk it through."
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "I didn't plan this life for me and my brother. They used to call me the Talker. I could talk your ear off. I would never shut up. However, right now... I don't want to talk. I should just be like my brother and take a moment. Pause and listen." ... "Yeah. And think for a change. Fat chance. At my age, nothing is impossible. Nobody changes. Anybody that tells you otherwise is lying. Or trying to sell you something. The only thing I'd rather be is true to myself. That might make me an asshole in the end. That might make me a loyal brother to this man here. None of this shit matters. None of it." ... "Do you know why we're here? It's because I have a small imagination. I can't see beyond my back streets, my town, my friends, my family. More importantly, I can't see a life beyond my brother. If he goes, I go. ... Funny thing is... He went a long time ago. I just didn't want to admit it to myself. I was holding on to something from the past. My reputation. My house. My car. Whatever it was. It was nice while it lasted. It just doesn't change anything. Any way you slice it, we're still Maria's kids from South Broad. Nothing's ever gonna change. Not even in the end. "
  • Just before the Everdoor: "Alright, Mickey. Deep breaths."
  • At the Everdoor: "Let's go see what everyone has been raving about. I'll send you a postcard, Kid."


  • To Stella, Bruce and Mickey represent the strength of the fraternal bond, as well as how demanding and difficult patients can sometimes be.[1]
  • If you have fully upgraded Bruce and Mickey's home, they can never be unhappy enough to NOT bully other spirits making it hard or even impossible for other spirits to become ecstatic again until after Bruce and Mickey are gone. (For the achievement make sure you have either already gotten them to the ecstatic mood or can send off Bruce and Mickey before them; or don't upgrade Bruce and Mickey's home all the way until you do.)


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