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Bright Jelly belongs to the Gems category of items found in Spiritfarer and is collected during the Jellyfish Event.

How to Acquire[]

Jellyfish Stage on the map. Stage II areas will have jellyfish that float higher

Locations for the Jellyfish Event[]

  • Stage I is located at [80, 92]
  • Stage II is located at [63, 163]
  • Stage III is located at [-8, 93]
  • Stage IV is located at [-49, 131]


Bright Jelly jellyfish

When you arrive, there will be dialogue from Gwen (or from Gwen's lodging door if she has already passed through the Everdoor), asking if Stella would like to start the mini-game.

When the mini-game starts, there will be small boxes on the right indicating where vertically the Bright Jelly jellyfish will float. The player must traverse on their boat to reach the green jellyfish to acquire Bright Jelly. There will also be yellow jellyfish Stella can catch that will give you Glims.

Glim jellyfish


Construction/Improvement at Blueprint Station[]

Construction/Improvement Cost
Kitchen (First Copy)
Kitchen Improvement
Loom Improvement
Foundry Improvement
Windmill Improvement
Field Improvement