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Blueprints allow you to construct Boat Buildings. They can be acquired by purchasing from a shop, found in a Blueprint Chest, or given from the passengers. Once acquired, Stella needs to collect the required resources to construct them.

List of Blueprints[]

Building Building Type Us Requirements
Guest House Spirit House Housing Spirits who do not have a home Beginner Blueprint Station
Garden Production Farming veggies Beginner Blueprint Station
Field Production Farming cereal crops Beginner Blueprint Station
Kitchen Production Cooking Beginner Blueprint Station
Sawmill Production Cutting wood logs into planks Hobbyist Blueprint Station
Loom Production Weaving thread and fabric Hobbyist Blueprint Station
Foundry Production Smelting ore into ingots Hobbyist Blueprint Station
Orchard Production Farming trees Craftsman Blueprint Station
Sheep Corral Production Housing Sheep Craftsman Blueprint Station
Windmill Production Milling grains into flour Craftsman Blueprint Station
Chicken Coop Production Hatching and housing chicken Expert Blueprint Station
Lounge Decoration Decoration (Later housing Giovanni) Expert Blueprint Station
Crusher Production Grinding powders, oil, sugar or corn flour Expert Blueprint Station
Smithy Production Smithing metal sheets Master Blueprint Station
Cow Stall Production Housing a cow Master Blueprint Station
Cellar Production Aging foods Master Blueprint Station
Air Draft Decoration Decoration Glide ability, Mailbox
Zipline Decoration Decoration Zipline ability, Mailbox
Bouncy Decoration Decoration Bounce ability, Mailbox
Gwen's Lodge Spirit House Houses Gwen Usonia 1 quest
Summer's Sanctuary Spirit House Houses Summer Laying at the Ley Line quest
Atul's Workshop Spirit House Houses Atul Atul's Workshop quest
Alice's Cottage Spirit House Houses Alice The Coziest Cottage quest
Astrid's Bungalow Spirit House Houses Astrid (and Giovanni) Humble Abode quest
Gustav's Gallery Spirit House Houses Gustav The House of Bau quest
Stanley's Playroom Spirit House Houses Stanley Big Boy's Room quest
Bruce and Mickey's Crib Spirit House Houses Bruce & Mickey Mini Palace quest
Buck's Lair of Wonders Spirit House Houses Buck A Lair of Wonders quest
Elena's Cubicle Spirit House Houses Elena Four Walls & A Roof quest

Blueprint Station Upgrades[]

Blueprint Station Upgrades can be bought at Albert's Shipyard.

Beginner - Cost: 0 Glims

Hobbyist - Cost: 400 Glims, 2 Maple Log, 1 Limestone, must have Beginner Station

Craftsman - Cost: 1000 Glims, 10 Oak Plank, 10 Linen Thread, must have Hobbyist Station.

Expert - Cost: 1850 Glims, 10 Iron Ingot, 10 Wool Fabric, must have Craftsman Station.

Master - 2800 Glims, 10 Silica Powder, 10 Zinc Ingot, must have Expert Station.


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