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Beverly is a Spirit in Spiritfarer. She was released on August 31st in the Summer 2021 update.


Beverly is Stella's old neighbor. She'd been rather lonely on Oxbury and is eager to join Stella and reminisce about the past with someone familiar. She first mentions 3 people, Henry, Sarah and David. Henry and Sarah are her children, and David her husband, who passed before her. David was a maths teacher for a high school named Chelsea High. Beverly met David on a blind date, as her friend Pauline, who was the school's secretary, matched them up. She also mentions that her family house was designed by a professional architect, yet had to sell it when she was alone, as her children had moved out. The house was a cosy little farmhouse and it meant the world to her. Beverly had many friends that she mentions very often, and she loves to tell stories to Stella.

Stella and Beverly met as neighbours when Beverly moved to the city after selling her farmhouse. It seems that as she got older, her memory started to fade, and began to forget names and recent events, causing her to repeat the same things to Stella over and over again.


  • The One from Downstairs: "This person sounds oddly familiar. I just can't put my finger on it. Let's see where this takes us."
    1. Head to Hummingberg
    2. Build Beverly's Farmhouse
    3. Head to Oxbury
    4. Talk to Beverly in Oxbury
    5. Welcome your new passenger on the boat
    6. Talk to Beverly
    7. Head to Oxbury with Beverly
    8. Talk to Beverly in Oxbury
    9. Build Beverly's Farmhouse
    10. Talk to Beverly in Oxbury
    11. Talk to Beverly

At The Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: I... I know... I... Remember... Do you? The neighbourhood? We... We were... There... With the... The flowers. We were... There... In that... That building... Almost... Next door... You and me... We were... We were... Neighbours.
  • Just before the Everdoor: You were... Always there... There... There for me... Stella.
  • At the Everdoor: Goodbye... Sweet pea.

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