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Atul's Workshop is a building on Stella's boat. It is home to the spirit Atul. It is a unique building.



Atul's Workshop is a large, rectangular building with teal and several types of wood as siding. It has a small window which looks in on Atul's tools. The entrance is a wide red door decorated with a light green lily on a teal diamond. A ladder extends up to the left of the entrance.


The walls of the main room in Atul's workshop are green and purple stripes, save for his sleeping chamber, which is only light green. Wood beams stand in the middle and right side of the room, and a lamp hangs overhead in the middle of the room. To the left of the room is Atul's sleeping chamber, which has a red grate in at the bottom right of the chamber, and rocks, sand, and white lilies on the inside. When Atul is sleeping, the glass door that is open closes, and the room fills with water, making the lilies more visible as they float on the water's surface. On the right, there is a shelf filled with miscellaneous items, some of which are paint cans, a megaphone, and various tools.

When fully upgraded, a picture frame now sits in the middle of the workshop, with what seems to be a photo of Atul, in a yellow shirt and blue overalls, and his daughter, Ashley. There are also now a selection of tools adorned on the wall, specifically being two saws, some screwdrivers and two hammers. A shower is also added on the very right of the room, with a red showerhead hanging above and a yellow bathroom curtain.


Initial Cost[]


Shower Desk Picture Frame


After Atul leaves through the Everdoor, the Thunderstorms Event can be started by interacting with the door.