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Atul is a Spirit Character in Spiritfarer. He was introduced with the early Alpha Build of the game and can be seen in action in the Spiritfarer Demo on gog. As stubborn as he is joyful, Atul is very handy, loves water and would never pass up a good meal. Being on this boat with all of his fellow passengers really makes him miss his family, but it doesn't get him down too often.


Atul introduces Stella to the Thunderstorms Event, where Lightning in a Bottle can be collected.

After Atul passes on, the Thunderstorms Event can be started by interacting with the door of Atul's Workshop.


Stella’s paternal uncle, he imigrated to northeastern France at the same time as Stella and her parents, before they settled a decade later across the Atlantic Ocean.

As a true handyman, he occupied various technical functions in many construction fields until he found his true vocation: union leader, fighting for the rights of disparaged workers.

Atul took great pride in teaching Stella all he could about life’s little things, from fishing to cooking, to simply sitting and enjoying the sunset.

As cheerful and petulant as could be, Atul hid an emotional hole that unfortunately could not be filled, regardless of all the love he received, no matter how sensational the gourmet food he ate was.

While Stella was still in Europe in her early twenties, Atul disappeared without a trace. This was a great shock to Stella, and she never truly learned what had happened to him. His disappearance was one of the reasons Stella decided to move to North America with her mother, Marie, and her second sister, Lilly.[1]



  • Has a fully improved house. (+4)
  • Excited about the new Sawmill. (+2)
  • Is starving. (-3)
  • Remembered a fond fatherhood memory. (+2)
  • Remembers his old family life. (-2)
  • Needs some time to himself. (-2)
  • Feels bullied by Mickey. (-1)
  • Has eaten his favorite meal. (+2)
  • Was recently hugged. (+2)

Notes on Perks[]

  • "Repairs buildings on the boat" has no effect on the Boat buildings. The Perk provides Influences for other Spirits, with some enjoying his handiwork, and others disliking the banging.
  • "Harvests wood" works by visiting an island with trees that can be chopped down for wood. After visiting the island, talk to Atul.
  • "Makes planks" works by visiting an island with trees that can be chopped down for wood, then talking to Atul while he is working in the Sawmill.
  • "Plays joyful music" improves the Mood of the other Spirits.
  • An unlisted perk is that Atul can provide Berries. After you visit an island with Berries, talk to Atul.


Alpha Build Demo[]

  • Nice catch
  • Master chef

Full Release[]

  • Sticky Fingers "This strange man wants me to jump in a pond for a lemon."
    1. Recover your new friend's lost lemon.
  • Welcome Aboard
    1. Welcome your new passenger.
  • Sea Master 2000: "According to my uncle, my fishing chair was broken. I should try it now."
    1. Fish for your Uncle Atul.
  • The Drawing Board: "Atul says I can upgrade my boat at Albert's Shipyard."
    1. Upgrade your blueprint station again at Albert's Shipyard.
  • Woodwork: "Atul thinks my boat is empty without a sawmill. The more, the merrier, right?"
    1. Build a Sawmill.
  • The Sommelier: "A bottle from the sea. A message from far away. I should open it."
    1. Atul really wants you to open a bottle from the sea.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: "The sawmill might not just spit out sawdust after this."
    1. Try out the Sawmill.
  • Atul's Workshop: "Time to help out my old uncle. Morale on the boat is pretty bad because of his snoring. A soundproof house could do that trick."
    1. Build a house for Atul.
  • Movie Night: "I get it. I get food cravings too."
    1. Give Atul some Popcorn.
  • Big Stove: "Atul thinks your Kitchen is not up to snuff. You need to step up your culinary game."
    1. Improve the Kitchen with an upgraded stove.
  • Spice Up Your Life: "Atul thinks I should take some time and Improve his house."
    1. Improve Atul's house by adding a Shower.
    2. Improve Atul's house by adding a Desk.
    3. Improve Atul's house by adding a Picture Frame.
  • Local Union 2187: "More food! Atul is unfillable."
    1. Give Atul some Pork Chops.
  • Fishing Trip: "Again with the food. What's new?"
    1. Give Atul some Fried Chicken.
  • Family Style: "A big family-style dinner sounds amazing. I just need to do all of the work now."
    1. Invite everyone to the dinner. (The first three passengers you talk to after starting this Request are invited.)
  • Sous-Chef Extraordinaire: "Apparently I have to prepare food and give it to Atul. What a day."
  • You will need to cook the item for each invited person from the Request, "Family Style", not for all people. The recipe is given to you if you do not know it.
    1. Cook a Noodle Soup for Astrid.
    2. Cook Bouillabaisse for Giovanni.
    3. Cook Tuna Tataki for Gustav.
    4. Cook French Fries for Stanley.
    5. Cook Corndog for Bruce & Mickey.
    6. Cook a Casserole for Buck.
    7. Cook a Green Salad for Elena.
    8. Cook Laksa for Beverly.
    9. Give the cooked items to Atul.
  • Au pied de grenouille: "The table is set and everything should be ready for our dinner."
    1. Head over to Hummingberg.
  • Uncle's Gone?: "Maybe I should ask around if anyone has seen my uncle."
    1. Ask the first guest about Atul's whereabouts.
    2. Ask the second guest about Atul's whereabouts.
    3. Ask the third guest about Atul's whereabouts. (This Request is completed from asking the third guest, the dialogue for the first two guests will be skipped after speaking to the third guest.)



  • Favorite dish: "Pork Chops!!! Those are Pork Chops!!! Stella!! This is amazing! Amazingly good! I can't believe it! This is my favorite dish! Thank you, Captain! Thank you!"
  • Likes: "Oh boy! I just love food! Keep 'em coming! I can't get enough of it!"
  • Inedible:
  • Not hungry: "I'm working my way towards a snack."
  • Hungry:
  • Starving:


  • Harvesting:
  • Woodworking: "Planks! Get your planks! I made some planks for you, Stella. Enjoy!"
  • Fishing:


  • Hugging: "Wasn't that great, favorite niece of mine?"
  • Second hug: "I've got something on my mind. Give me a minute."

Quest Reminders[]


  • Atul is based on one of the game's team members departed uncle.[1]
  • He seems very happy when he gets tasty fried fish.
  • He loves the feeling of the rain on his skin.


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