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Astrid is a spirit. She is first encountered leading a worker's strike at Bottom Line Corp..



Astrid introduces the Turtle Sisters, where Wood, Rocks, and Ore can be planted to grow trees or rocks of the planted type. After Astrid leaves through the Everdoor, Stella approaches the sisters alone.


As a young woman during World War II, Astrid hid Jewish children in the basement of her mother's restaurant.[1] She devoted the remainder of her life to helping others. Eventually, she met and married Giovanni. Though she deeply loved him, the two had a tumultuous relationship. Despite Giovanni regularly being unfaithful, she found it difficult to separate herself from him.

Stella met Astrid and her husband while she was a teenager living in France. The couple became surrogate grandparents to her, as Stella never knew her own.[1]



  • Enjoyed listening to Atul's flute. (+3)
  • Faces the facts about Giovanni's running around. (+2)
  • Has eaten her favorite meal. (+2)
  • Has a nice house. (+2)
  • Was recently hugged. (+2)
  • Has eaten a meal she likes. (+1)
  • Feels bullied by Mickey. (-1)
  • Doesn't like Atul's banging. (-2)
  • Remembered painful memories. (-2)
  • Is starving. (-3)


  • "Harvests ore" works by visiting an island with Ore, then talking to Astrid.
  • "Uses Foundry" works by visiting an island with Ore, then talking to Astrid while she is working in the Foundry. This provides Ingots.
  • "Fishes for you" works by talking to Astrid. This provides Fish


  • Unite!: "I'm in the middle of a worker's strike and I love it."
    1. Talk to protest leader.
    2. Talk to the cowardly CEO.
    3. Talk to the protest leader one more time.
    4. Talk to the terrible CEO again.
    5. Talk to the protest leader for the last time.
    6. Talk to the obnoxious CEO one more time.
    7. Talk to Astrid.
  • Welcome Aboard
    1. Welcome your new passenger
  • Feed your Elders: "Astrid is hungry. I need to give her some food quickly."
    1. Feed something to Astrid.
  • Three Sisters: "Astrid says a friend is waiting for us. Who knows what surprise awaits us!"
    1. Find Astrid's seabound friend.
    2. Plant some resources on Olga's shell.
  • Bars of Gold: "Astrid thinks we should have a foundry on the boat. She said she would show me how to use it."
    1. Build a Foundry.
    2. Smelt an Ingot in the Foundry.
  • Humble Abode: "Astrid has received a letter from Olga, describing a nice house she might like. Olga hasn't got any news from the enigmatic Giovanni."
    1. Check the mail.
    2. Build Astrid's Bungalow.
    3. Visit Iwashima Countryside.
    4. Ask about Giovanni on the island.
    5. Visit Furogawa.
    6. Ask about Giovanni on the island.
    7. Check the mail.
    8. Find Olga's sister, Masha.
    9. Plant some resources on Masha's shell.
    10. Visit Loneberg.
    11. Talk to Giovanni.
  • Past Lovers "It's time for a big reunion. Hopefully, this goes well."
    1. Talk to Astrid.
  • I Have My Doubts: "Something is afoot. Is Giovanni not sleeping at night? Is he leaving the boat at night? Maybe I should follow him around."
    1. Follow Giovanni during nighttime.
    2. Talk to Astrid the next morning.
    3. Read the mysterious letter.
  • Retrograde: "Oh, no! I've got to tell Giovanni some hard truths."
    1. Talk to Giovanni.
    2. Wait until Astrid is ready to talk to you.
  • A Second Wind: "Maybe I should give Astrid some space. She is dealing with a lot."
    1. Let Astrid live her best life. (This Request completes after six in-game days elapse.)
  • Lovers for Life: "I didn't know Astrid really missed Giovanni. There was so much tension between the two. I suppose you only find your true love once."
    1. Bring Astrid to the Everdoor.



  • Favorite dish: Noodle Soup.png Noodle Soup
    • "Look, Stella, you won't hear me say this often. But you did something marvelous here! Simply incredible! I'm so proud of you! I'm even wondering if there is anything left for me to teach you! This noodle soup is simply my favorite dish. Congratulations!"
  • Likes
    • "Oh! I've always loved soup! How did you know? Mmm, very good. Thanks, Munchkin!"
    • "This is really good, Munchkin. You know, I'm a simple person. And simple people love plain dishes. Unpretentious, simple food. And this is exactly it. Thank you!"
  • Neutral
  • Repeated
  • Dislikes
    • "Ah. This is way too sweet for me. I really don't want anything sugary like that. I'm not a kid anymore, Stella. I won't take this, sorry."
    • Fine Dining
  • Inedible: "..."
  • Not hungry: "I won't eat that."
  • Hungry
    • "You know what would be nice? Something to eat."
  • Starving:
    • "Stella! What do I have to do to get fed? Send you a letter?"
    • "You wouldn't happen to have a little something to eat on you, would you?"
    • "Why are you holding out on me, Munchkin? I might be old, but I still have a stomach!"


  • Harvesting:
  • Smelting:
  • Fishing: "Don't be mad at me, Munchkin, but I did some fishing while you weren't looking."


  • Hugging
    • "That was a good hug, if I say so myself."
    • "A hug brightens my day."
    • "Good. I needed that."
  • Second hug
    • "I don't want you to get close right now."
    • "That would not be... fun for me."
Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Stella... Ah, we've finally arrived. I feel so weak... Can we go now?" (player says yes) "Ok. Let's do this. I can't hold it any longer."
  • Stella rowing towards the Everdoor: "I don't think it's wise to live that long, Munchkin. Good thing I've never been that wise. But, boy, am I old. And being this old is disappointing. You just end up being ugly on the outside. And rotten on the inside. And it hurts so much! Life is suffering. It is hard! The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep on living." ... "I don't regret a thing, you know. I don't regret the struggles. I don't regret the hardships. The pain. The sorrow. And I've seen so much of it! But still. I don't regret what I've done or how I've lived my life. I just wish the world had been a better place. A better place for them, for us... But surely, a better place for you, my dear." ... "I feel like a vast vessel, with so many dusty rooms and cabins... I have so many of them... So many memories... Some of them are gone, but some of them... Some of them will live on forever. In you, in others.
  • Just before the Everdoor: "I remember their faces as they trembled in fear... I remember their houses and the parties they threw... I remember their songs and their love... I remember their touch, their warmth... It's all fading away now, Munchkin... It's fading away...It's all gray, all white, all foggy..."
  • At the Everdoor: "Is it all gone already? I don't see much anymore... You're still here with me, aren't you? You're still here, Stella? Don't you forget about me, please. I don't care about anyone else! But you, you don't forget about me, I'm telling you! I'll come back and haunt you if you do! I can feel it coming. Goodbye, Stella. Just follow your heart and keep smiling."


  • Astrid and Giovanni were both based on the lives, personalities and stories of creative director Nicolas Guérin's grandparents.[1]
  • Astrid appears in one of the images of Stella's memories shown in the Hades towers. She is depicted sitting next to Giovanni's deathbed as Stella comforts her.[1]
  • Though they are separated and she re-married, Astrid has always loved Giovanni, as revealed in the Lily update.


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