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Ash Plank belongs to the Wood category of Items found in Spiritfarer. It is made from Ash Log in the Sawmill and used in a number of recipes.

How to Acquire[]

Input Output (Improved Output)
Ash Log


 Construction/ Improvement at Blueprint Station[]

Construction/ Improvement Cost
Atul's Workshop Improvement Picture Frame
Astrid's Bungalow Improvement Small Fridge
Astrid's Bungalow Improvement TV Set
Gustav's Gallery Improvement Vintage Modernist Desk
Bruce and Mickey's Crib
Sheep Corral Improvement
Chicken Coop (First Copy)
Chicken Coop Improvement
Crusher (First Copy)
Smithy (First Copy)

Boat Upgrades at Albert's Shipyard[]

Upgrade Ingredients
Choral Bouqet